The Great Designers: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci is most definitely one of kind. He was born in 1974 to a family with eight daughters. At the age of 17 the teenager, raised in Como, Italy, left his country to go study design in the Saint Martins school of Arts in London, where he graduated with honors. After that Riccardo Tisci returned to Italy and for almost five years worked in the shadows of brands like Antonio Berardi, Coccapani, Puma and Ruffo Research. In December 2004 the designer presented his first collection under his own name. Orchestrated more like a happening rather than a typical fashion show. On July, 7th 2005 Riccardo Tisci presented his first Haute Couture Collection for Givenchy. 

What's typical for him is the treatment of tulle by distorting it, by embroidering it. Also experimental jersey that's raw-cut and draped, leather that's double layered and burnt to expose Swarovski crystals. Tisci's work is conceptual, sexual and romantic raw. When working he has in mind a woman that's confident in personality and body and understands sexiness. This man's philosophy is one we should all follow: "Do good things and forget them, do bad things and remember them."

"My definition of beauty is something between extremely ugly and extremely fantastic." ~ Riccardo Tisci

Normally I share with you only my favorite pieces of a collection, but the Givenchy Fall 2011 line is gorgeous so I am going to post every single beautiful dress!


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And now some exciting news! I am going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY soon so stay tuned! 



Mary K. said…
I wonder if there's anyone cleverer than Tisci! He's a genious of our days
Adore him. Adore Givenchy.
Great post ;)

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Laura Mashir said…
Wow!Amazing dresses!Thanks for this wonderful post!
La Mode En Rose said…
i love Givenchy!

kisses from La Mode En Rose= )
MosaMuse said…
this collection is great! the first dress is BEAUTIFUL
Erika said…
Absolutely gorgeous, An all white collection isn't so bad afterall :)

can't wait for the giveaway!!

Lidiya said…
His talent is remarkable, I adore his work!! =)
I love givenchy! Great blog :) Following you! Check out my blog and follow me if you like it :)

kcomekarolina said…

xoxo from rome
He's done such an amazing job with Givenchy!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the comment!Love this post!

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The.Red.See said…
I love his work! Everyone of those dresses is stunning!
lifeisamaze said…
These creations are wonderful !
Jen said…
I shared these pictures too when they came out! Aren't they gorgeous and like artwork?

JustPatience said…
Love the designs! The can also double up as bridal gowns which will gives brides the excuse of spending thousands on the beuatiful gowns :)

Raquel T.G. said…
I'm absolutely in love with his last collections!!
Devil_kin said…
Последната рокля е прекрасна...а той е гениален ,симпатяга при това :)
LOVE! I actually think I found my wedding dress (inspiration) in this collection xx
Givenchy do have a great collection, love their dresses ! Uber cool :)
Aura said…
great collection!
LoveK said…
These Givenchy dresses are to die for! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing fashion inspiration...great blog!
Love K
Hanna said…
love that collection x
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BobbieAustin27 said…
I love this collection
he has such a femine touch to each design
great feature!
Absolutely stunning gowns!
Ria :) said…
ohh those dresses are amazingggggg, Disappeared
Tam said…
These photos are amazing!!

Yours Truly,
Hey dear,

Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm so excited to be a member of IFB;)))
Are you going to one of the conferences?
This post of yours is great!Tisci makes magic! I love every single piece! But when I first spotted this gorgeous look-through dress I couldn't breath that beautiful it was!:))

Great blog dear! Audry is a true icon of style. And I like the hats on the photos:))btw, I've just made a "hat" post:)) I'd love if you check it:))

Well colleague (we sort of are colleagues:), we talk to each other!


Malu Swartjes said…
in LOVE with the sheer maxi skirts! great post:D


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Sabrina said…
These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I love the lacey sheer details.

style point said…
wow,photo shoot is amazing xxxx love clothes xx
valentina said…
i do like tisci!
a story about M said…
love it!
Alejandra said…
I love love loveeee that collection, is just like heaven!

I follow your blog now sweetie!
Bonnie said…
I love that second white dress. It's amazing without being overdone.
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very nice blog, we like the pictures

Hajar et Mounia
Jerrica said…
Great post! He's amazing these gowns are incredible.

Fashion Nostalgia
Fashionistable said…
Genius. Beautiful designer. Xxxx
certainly one of the greats.
Breathtaking. THe model in the second picture reminds me of Givenchy's muse Audrey Hepburn. xo style, she wrote
Great post and a reminder of givenchy's elegant edginess!
OMG! these white dresses are amazing!
erica marie said…
wow so many gorgeous dresses!!

Katherine said…
he is indeed amazing - I loved this collection of his!
Erin said…
Absolutely gorgeous collection! I love all of the dresses!


Erin @
OMG SO GORGEOUS! He is such a genius. I also love Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci. He has totally reinvented the brand. :)

Laura @
Patricia Paramo said…
wow i did not know anybody behind Givenchy!

very informative post!
sisilia andreas said…
amazing gowns! ah anyway, i love your dress on your previous post. you looked so fresh in it
Kel said…
Words cannot describe how beautiful some of those dresses are.

Makes me almost want to believe in marriage.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

seeing steel magnolias
Amber said…
SUch gorgeous pieces. He's so incredibly talented!
These dresses are simply breathtaking!
ChiccaStyle said…
He's so talented!!!Love this collection, thanks for the inspiration sweety!!!
Anonymous said…
He's a great designer! : ) Very inspiring and great choice of pictures! : )

By the way I love your header!

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Anonymous said…
His collection is amazing !
navy and orange said…
love all these dresses and the backdrop!

xoxo navy & orange
C'est Moi said…
i adore givenchy as well. if i had infinite money, i would indulge in this collection :)
fallenmoon said…
these dresses are amazing. i love how simple, yet elegant they are.

A said…
I agree with fallenmoon, that's absolutely what think! Keep going!