The Great Designers: Elie Saab

Today I am going to put the spotlight on one of the most talented designers that creates soft and feminine looks collection after collection. He was born in 1964 in Lebanon and at the age of 9 he was already making dresses for his sisters. Later on he started selling his creations to the women in his neighborhood. The self-taught designer opened his couture atelier in Beirut and started managing over a dozen employees when he was only 18. His very first collection attracted women from high society and they all desired an Elie Saab dress.

Invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show in Paris in 2000, now presents four collections a year (Haute Couture and RTW). In 2007 he opened a flagship boutique in the heart of Le Triangle d`Or. His main inspiration remains Beirut. There the designer founded and maintained his studio. In 2005, he inaugurated a modern five-storey building where are located the workshops, his studio, the ready-to wear boutique and couture showroom. The Elie Saab Atlier is the place where all the heavenly beautiful haute couture gowns are made and passed trough the hands of the designer. It is the sole heart of the savoir - faire and excellence of his achievements. 

Elie Saab magnifies femininity by working with fine materials and delicate embroideries with outstanding quality. His fairy tale creations are built using simple designs and precious resources. The designer's specialty is the ultimate couture dress that highlights a woman's silhouette.

Now as I cannot make a decision I am going to show you pieces both from the Fall 2011 RTW and Haute Couture collections. 

Ready To Wear


Haute Couture

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Sorry for the overload of pictures but it was such a tough choice. I love every single piece of every single collection and if I could I would post them all! The femininity and beauty of Elie Saab's works of art are just incredible! Can you pic a favorite?



Fashion-Resort! said…
hey dear, your header is soo beautyful. ilove it<3
Wow. His line is amazing! I am in love with the second group of dresses, they are each so flawless. And he started making dresses for his sisters when he was 9!? That is crazy but awesome!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
Alecto said…
gah- Saab is amazing, right?
By Sara Romero said…
the haute couture collection makes me want to squeal! It is magical!

Devil_kin said…
Той е богът на ефирните рокли.
Very nice post, I love his style. Follow each other to keep in touch? Let me know and I'll do the same with you blog! Kiss.
ChuChus said…
i really like e. saab! i love it!!!
Jen said…
Just found you! Amazing header/blog design and I love, love glamour and Saab does it all. Thank you for sharing these images.
Grace said…
Amazing!!!! Love them all!
Jasmine said…
Yes yes yes, he is amazing!
As is your blog :)
Maria said…
I've always loved Elie Saab, the clothes he makes are amazing. I love the Haute Couture collections the most, especially the light blue, so beautiful!
I love your blog, it's amazing! Your etsy is lovely, I had a sneaky peak :) I'm your newest follower, would you follow me?
xx, Maria
Gorgeous! Thank you for this post.
Gelene said…
Would I be picking a favorite if I said ALL of them are my favorite?? Haha!

loving your blog!

Sianna said…
Обожавам го! Всъщност, за да сме по-точни роклите му. Това е сигурно дизайнера, който е най-близо до това, което искам да правя. С нетърпение очаквам всяка колекция.
ChiccaStyle said…
On my opinion, at the moment is the best!!!He's able to create such a feminine and chic dresses!!!Love his style!
la magie de MB said…
i think also Elia is amazing designer..
He is AMAZING!! Truly Chic, Elegant and Feminine!!~ Pure Magic! Great post!

Warm Wishes,

Anonymous said…
what an amazing line! there is no way I could choose a favourite i want them all!!!
I love the red dresses of the RTW collection!
Anonymous said…