The Fabulous 10

Happy Saturday! I am still having my morning coffee and thinking about the IFB Project #11. It's about fashion evolution, about the way the internet changed the world of fashion. We, fashion bloggers, gain more and more influence, everyone can access information from any place in the world. So now I am going to share with my 10 favorite blogs, websites and magazines. And you should know I still love magazines! There's no better feeling than going trough the pages of the latest issue I bought. Enough talking, here're the fabulous 10!


Vogue - My favorite is the Italian edition



The Golden Diamonds - written by a beautiful girl from Moldova. She's not only adorable but has a great style! I always enjoy reading her posts.
In Her Stilettos - i love her fabulous and feminine style! Always wearing high heels and gorgeous fabrics she's a real inspiration to me!
Style Scrapbook by Andy - I guess most of the bloggers have heard about this blog and probably follow it. Andy Torres is on the most successful blogger and her outfits are always by the latest trends but still in her own personal style!
The Fancy Teacup - this is a blog I discovered not a long time ago and it quickly became a favorite! Jamie is the ultimate girly girl and I just cannot get enough of her posts!
Atlantic - Pacific - I love how boldly and creatively she mixes colors and prints!

There are many more blogs I absolutely love and that inspire me every day! What are yours? 

Have a great weekend!

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Sassi said…
I'm in love with all of those blogs!
Preziosa said…
Nice blog dear!
Alba M said…
awesome :) You have such a nice blog <3
tessa said…
LOVE your selections :)

Carla C. said…
Great tips dear!
Koltunovskaya said…
I like your collage. Atlantic-pacific is great))
thanks for sharing your loves with us :) I admire fashion spot, actually who doesn't?
Devil_kin said…
The Blonde Salad;Анди;FriChic;
zarna's runway ;KARLA'S CLOSET;KAYTURE
Dani said…
Thanks for comments on my blog. Great tips on new blogs for me to read, love this post.
Love your follower dani xxx
Follow me at:
ChuChus said…
lovely blog! i really like it!
ardicha dindy said…
I Love this post. so inspiring you know. I just learn about fashion, thanks for the information about gorgeous fashion link. your blog is so nice anyway. xoxo
Justyna said…
great list, i love atlantic-pacific!
iris said…
Of course and Fashion Gone Roge are some of my favs too! :)
Love magazines, talked about it in my last post! :-)
glad I discovered your blog!
Anonymous said…
I like your header! Got here via IFB.
Its so cool to see Fancy Teacup on the list - she's awesome x
MosaMuse said…
i love the pic with the red blazerand graffiti!
BlondeMuse said…
I love Andy's blog Style scrapbook. xo
Anonymous said…
Although I'm a member of FashionSpot I never really post... Too lazy lol!

I will check out all your suggestions! I trust your impeccable taste!!!

atlantic-pacific blows everyone out of the water in terms of style.
Carlinn said…
Great blogs! I have so many that i love as well :)
Cristina L. said…
cute post...i also love Vogue and harper's bazaar magazines and the style scrapbook blog....

and your blog is amazing!!
Natalie Leung said…
great post! love the list of bloggers, they are my favorites as well :)

Sofie said…
great article, love these blogs too! and yes, the perfume of Rihanna smells amazing, I love it! ♥
gulden said…
ove your selections
and love your blog too:)

best wishes from istanbul
Great selection!