Blogger little secrets

Hey lovelies! I decided to participate in IFB's project in the last minute so today I am going to share with you my blogger's tool kit or, in other words, the things I carry around as a blogger.

Notebook  - ever since I have my small and light notebook I carry it with me everywhere, so I can check my blog comments, write e-mails, do research and blog from any place that has wireless internet. The best thing is that it fits perfectly in almost every purse I have.

Smartphone - my Nokia smartphone was a Christmas gift from my parents and I couldn't possibly love it any more! I can take pictures if I don't have a camera with me, listen to music that inspires me and helps me concentrate, check my mail and facebook for free and of course talk to anybody at anytime... literally!

Harper's Bazaar notebook, pen and pencil - I don't really think I need to explain myself on this one. I just take notes, make sketches, etc. Sort of like a blog scrapbook. 

Magazines - I always ave with me the latest magazine I bought so I can read it in the bus or while I'm waiting for someone. Always a great source of ideas and inspiration. 

Glasses - these are actually meant to protect my eyes when I am on the computer or reading and as I spend a lot of time doing that I wear then not to get annoying headaches.

Extra batteries - for my camera of course.

My blogger cards - having them makes me feel more like a professional and I love passing them to people. It looks much better than writing my URL on pieces of paper when I want to give it to someone.

Pocket mirror and make up - you may think this is a little off topic bu I don't really ... After all these help me look better which is important for the style pictures... and in general.

My camera - of which I don't have a picture, but I am really excited because yesterday my parents gave me a brand new one as a month early birthday present so from now on the pictures you see in here will be much better.

These were the things I always carry around... There are somethings that stay at home but are also very important to me. 

My big lovely lap top - this is what I'm normally blogging from when I am at home. It's much more comfortable and I have all my pictures and music on it.

Piles of magazines ... all around the house. This really drives my mom crazy but I just cannot get myself to troll them away plus they are a source of inspiration and serenity. 

Inspiration folder - here's where I keep everything I love in case I decide to troll away a magazine or a lookbook. You can find outfit ideas, makeup tips and even whole interviews.

Inspiration board - it's so much fun making it, changing it and just having it in my room.

My fashion related books - I am so proud I have them, I love reading them and they make me better at what I hope will be my profession.

Lets not forget there'are many things that are important and are not physical, like imagination and dedication, and a real love for fashion, that are just as important (or even more) to be a great blogger! 

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I'm off to the pool side to enjoy some last days of summer! Have a great sunny day!



vuko said…
cool books <3
Vera said…
love this post xxx
ChiccaStyle said…
WOW,you're so organized!!!Great blogger tips my dear friend!
Shopgirl said…
Great kit!

Loving seeing these posts - looks like we all have many of the same things in our kit.
Lisa Ann said…
Yay! A new camera... Can't wait to see your photos. I just got a new camera and I am having so much fun learning how to use it.

☮ Lisa Ann
Ivanina said…
Страхотен кът си си създала, харесва ми! Изглежда толкова подредено и организирано. Идеята с визитките ми допада, мисля и аз да си направя, само да измисля читав дизайн :-)
I love the blog card, looks good! xx
Eva said…
Наистина е супер подредено и за всичко си помислила. Моят блогър кит е на леглото ми 99% от времето.:D
Fashionistable said…
I try and travel as lightly as possible as my camera is soooo heavy. This is a nice little peak into the important blogging items for you. Xxxx
You are such a dedicated blogger. I m inspired. Just found your blog yesterday. Will be visiting often. Love it. :)
Natalie Leung said…
your blog is very sweet, i love this post as well. great insight!

new follower <3

Limasim said…
beautiful , i like your blog, i will follow you <3
JustPatience said…
Love your magazine and book selection.

Pieter said…
I love inspiration boards!
Lovely items!

Love your tools and your lookbook--always so fun to see what others do.

xo Mary Jo
Katia said…
What a fun post! I love your scrapbook :)
Katherine said…
Love this post! your toolkit is great and I love your collection of fashion books :)
Love your tool kit! Magazines and fashion books are a must have :)
Sick by Trend said…
cool post! full of inspirations :)


By Sara Romero said…
You honestly have inspired me. I need to go home and cut up my magazines and start making an awesome inspiration book like this. Such a great idea!

style point said…
ow wow. love your post!looks like you really like fashion xxx great inspiration for me !
Olivia said…
I love fashion books- I just read Kelly Cutrone's book and it was great. Next on my list is What I Wore, which was authored by a great blogger!

Liv @
derek said…
haha i always have to carry lip balm as well!! dont want any nasty cracked lips in photos!!!
Jen said…
Great post!! Love all the magazines and the inspiration board. I also have a ton of magazines, drives my husband mad :)

Thank you always for your nice comments, your the sweetest!
LaU said…
great post!!!!

Kel said…
Wow I don't even have that many tools of the trade. I pretty much just work off the camera and macbook.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

talking all things French
BABI said…
cool post! i have my sets of fashion books too! :-)
The.Red.See said…
Great post! Love your inspiration board! I have a huge stack of magazines too, I feel the need to keep them all.
Fash Boulevard said…
adore your cards. i totally have to get some asap. thanks for another amazing post. Stop by to see pics from my latest outfit post and my newest accessory obsession. xoxo

Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest fashion gossip from an LA stylist.!/FashBoulevard
Marcella said…
Thanks for sharing! Love the design of your business cards!

Good for you! Well done!!!
Patricia Paramo said…
its a great post! haha i think we all carry pretty much the same things...its great how you make collages with lookbooks!
sajuki said…
i have special notebook with inspirations
Wow, you're much more prepared than I am! I just take myself and my camera haha!

-Laura xoxo
love all those fashion stuffs, the magazine the lipgloss the netbook <3 you really are a fashion blogger <3
hey. kinda find your sharing image tool pretty awesome. what's your suggestion on the how-to? let us know!


michelle_ said…
i should really keep an inspiration file like u did there !

www.glisters and
Maisie said…
It's nice to see how enthusiastic you are about blogging!
Come visit me and if you like we can follow each other?
Sianna said…
Страхотно местенце си си организирала! И идеята с картичките е много добра.
MosaMuse said…
nice coco chanel quote!
E said…
Love your inspiration board!
Tony SHT said…
Адмирации и от мен за кит-а, много е сполучлив, наистина съдържа неща, нужни на всеки блогър :) А идеята за картичките е много хитра, наистина, бих я последвала :)
Nikki said…
This post reminds me: i still have to make blog cards! x
Eva said…
Плами, мерси за съвета, наистина няма да издържа в тези жеги с дълъг ръкав, било то от проветлива материя.:D
FAIZA said…
Great Post!! I also have/use most of these. Found you through IFB...;)
Faiza xo
Anonymous said…
Ха, споделяме един телефон с теб. ;)
Anonymous said…
So many wonderful inspiration. Great post, thanks for sharing with us:) You got a new follower!! :) Greetings, XOXO
Really cool idea with the cards and passing them out! :)
Amber said…
Great collection of books and magazines :)
Anonymous said…
absolutely wonderful! you’ve got a gorgeous blog, and i’m so glad i’ve stumbled across it for my first time! i hope you’ll come visit COSMICaroline for a Nashville-based source of inspiration for fashion, music, and art! keep up the awesome work!

Nice seeing all of your things, loved the books... Inspiring! :)
Bad Joan said…
Great post! Love all your "supplies".

Anonymous said…
i love that inspiration board. xx
A said…
I really like this kind of posts!

A from Picture Cocktail :)
Love this blog, keep up the great work wish you all the best