August 31, 2011

The Great Designers: Vicktoria Beckham

Lately I am thinking about fall a lot... I am planning my wardrobe for the new season and I am really excited to wear some pieces I really miss and some that brand new, I even made some of them with my mom's help of course. There are many designers and collections that I find incredibly beautiful and inspiring and today I want to share with you one of them. The collection is all about femininity, elegance and clean designs. Nothing overdone and nothing neglected, every single piece is perfect! 

Here's Vicktoria Beckham's Fall 2011 RTW gorgeous collection!

This season it's all about bright shades of magenta, vermilion, and saffron. Her signature flattering hourglass dresses are loosened up more than ever and the draping is pushed. This gets me thinking... is it true she finished the line before she knew she's pregnant with her forth baby? Is it all just happy coincidence? We also see some new editions to Vicktoria's  work like the two blouson minidresses with cocooning shapes. The structured wool fall coats are surprising and new as well. My favorite outfits are the ones that look like draped cashmere shawls belted over pencil skirts, they're actually brilliant dresses. What are your favorite pieces from this collection? Do you share the same admiration? 

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August 30, 2011

The Wardrobe: Bloggers do it Better

Hey lovelies! My post is unusually late today... and I woke up unusually early, meaning 6.30 AM so right now I am having my third coffee for the day in order not to pass out. Today you're not only going to see an outfit I wore but you're also going to meet my dad, who's been complaining that I never feature him haha :)))

First of all! The tank! It's custom made. I'm a proud member of the blogging community and I can brag about it as much as I want to! <3 I designed the skirt and my talented mom made it for me. It's so beautiful and breezy, reminds of the endless see. You can see other outfits with it HERE and HERE. My mom made the gorgeous unique purse as well! It's so lovely I wear it way to often lately. Just a my favorite oversized Primark bracelet. You can also see my retro Ray Bans and my adorable white ballerinas. 

And now to the point! Here's a conversation going on between my dad and me, my mom's behind the camera in case you're wondering.

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Have a beautiful day!


August 29, 2011

Inspirational Quote and the WINNER

It's the last Monday of August! I can't believe how fast this month flew by! I am a bit sad the summer is about to end but still I am so excited for the new seasons arrival! I am already planning my autumn wardrobe and soon I am going to share some of my fall thoughts with you! In a search for inspiration today I found this wonderful quote and I knew I had to share it with you!

I believe I don't need to comment on this, so I am going directly to the highlight of this beautiful day - THE WINNER OF MY GIVEAWAY! It's one of my very favorite bloggers and actually the first person who joined the giveaway! Congratulations to Dawn from the lovely blog: The Alternative Wife!

Have a great week!


August 28, 2011

Shoot of the week: Mona Johannesson by David Bellemere

Hey dears! How's your weekend going? As you probably have noticed I've already started shopping for fall and I am really excited about the new season's arrival! The shoot I am going to share with you today represents  what I love most about autumn - the warm and serene days when you can feel the sun rays on your skin! Here's the beautiful Mona Johannesson, captured by David Bellemere, enjoying a blissful day!

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Have a beautiful Sunday!


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