The Wardrobe: Fun and Colorful

Happy weekend! Do you have any great plans or are you just going to enjoy unplanned and surprising two summer days?

It's time for an outfit post! I know I haven't done one for a while and the reason is that it's been way too hot around here so by the time I get to the point of making pictures I already used to feel horrible. Anyways, lately the weather's been better so yesterday I made some pictures of a simple yet fun and colorful outfit I had to put together in 10 minutes because I was being late... as always :)

In the center of course is the top my mom made! I love the colors and the breezy fabrics! Everything else revolves around it: the H&M pink and lovely shoes and the bra which I admit is purpusfully bright and unhidden! I love the idea of underwear as outwear and part if the outfit! How do you feel about it? The bag is vintage and I think it perfectly completes the outfit... and of course the lipstick! The bright and unusual for me lipstick color I decided to experiment with.

That's that. I am off to the gym! Have a great saturday and check out my mom's online boutique here!



TheMadTwins said…
Those shoes are soo cute :)

xxx London
Anonymous said…
lovely shoes, dear!

XO Sahra
The Key To Chic said…
I think the bold lip color is a great way to complement the top and your hair. Your mom is a talented lady.