FashionRose! My mom's online boutique!

Hello my lovelies! I am sorry for being absent last week but it's been a really intense one! Now I am officially done with exams and will be able to dedicate most of my time to blogging and reading interesting books and you know... being fashionably nerdy :)

Today instead of a quote I want to share with you some really big and exciting news! Remember that several times I mentioned that me and my very talented mom are thinking about making it possible for you to purchase some of er designs online? Well... we made it indeed! Yesterday I set up her very own online boutique on Etsy!!! The name is FashionRose and you can indulge yourself with some unique pieces! She's trying to use only natural fabrics and materials and as this is a hobby for her all the clothes are made with lots of love and inspiration! Each piece is available only in the size shown as it is unique, one and only! Here's what's In Store now!

White maxi summer dress!


Black and White cotton top!

One Shoulder Colorful Tunic!

Orange Maxi!

Beige Summer Silk!

Crochet colorful scarf!

So what do you think? What is your favorite piece? You can find more information about the clothes and of course buy them here: FashionRose

As of today I am starting a new feature on my blog called In Store where I will publish the new pieces you are able to purchase!

Have a great and exciting week!



Devil_kin said…
Оранжевата е прекрасна!!!
Vera said…
Strahotna rabota, Plami!!!
beesandbugs said…
Влюбих се в жълтата! Майка ти наистина е много талантлива! :)
beautiful pieces! good luck.
Parisienne said…
Well Done! Good luck!