Celebrity Endorsement Part 1

Celebrities provide the perfect scenario for fashion to be endorsed. Millions of moviegoers will see a film and experience the clothes, attitude and style so perfectly portrayed by their screen idols.

One of my personal favorite examples is the New York-based TV series Sex and the City. The show became iconic for influential fashion directions. Each of the four women has a distinct personal style that helps portray her personality. Carrie is fearlessly fashionable, her style varies from uptown chic to whimsical and quirky to sex kitten. Samantha wears sharp styles in bold colors that exude confidence. Charlotte has a sweet, preppy, and demure style with influences from the 1950s. Miranda is a well-dressed career woman often seen in smartly tailored suits. I most definitely love Carrie's style most and I kind of associate myself with her! Who's your favorite? 

Both the show and the spin off movies have had an enormous influence on mainstream fashion trends, helping to popularize items such as stilettos, "must-have" designer bags, corsages, and Carrie's distinctive nametag necklace. The casual name-dropping of leading fashion brands such as Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo not only heightened public awareness of those brands but also fostered the aspiration of buying their products. Therefore the connection was forged between fashion product, celebrity endorsement, and viewer.

In today's media-crazed society, celebrities are able to attract attention with minimal effort and this is what makes them a very powerful commodity. Fashion brands have been quick to manipulate celebrity sandstorm, using them at the height of their fame and paying ginormous fees for their association and endorsement. The most successful celebrity-brand alliances match a star whose image is organic fit with that of a certain brand. For example, Uma Thurman is considered to be sophisticated yet unpredictable, the same image cultivated by Louis Vuitton; Michelle Pfeiffer is considered to be mysterious and quietly elegant, reflecting the spirit of Giorgio Armani.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next Friday :)

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Anonymous said…
I love Sex and the City! Great breakdown of each character's sense of fashion. I can't just choose one character whose style I admire the most. But I find inspiration from all of their wardrobes. Interesting read. I went backwards from part 2 to 1 but it all made sense and you made some good points. I don't read a lot of fashion blogs but I'm definitely intrigued by yours. So glad to have found you and thrilled to be your newest fan. Have a lovely day =]