The Wardrobe: Sofia Blogger Society

Last Tuesday me and my lovely friends from SBS finally found time to get together, take some pictures, talk about fashion... and boys and enjoy the beginning of summer :) Here are our outfits captured by the artistic and beautiful Ellaine from Mademoiselle E.


So here we are: Sofia Blogger Society! :) Me, Ellaine from Mademoiselle E. and Raya from Eden. Too bad we didn't take a picture of the only boy in our little society - Emo from The Archive of Lost Dreams

I am wearing a skirt I designed and my mom made. I love the color, it's just so gorgeous! The lace top I bought from a huge outlet store so I am not sure about the brand but I love it so much! I am a real lace addict! Oh... And the shoes, my lovely white ballerinas. All my friends are always surprised to see me wearing flats but somehow I couldn't imagine a walk in the park wearing high-heels :) Anyways I think the ballerinas are lovely! I love the little bows, they look so adorable! :)
Thanks E. for the beautiful pictures, and thanks everyone for the great day! Can't wait for our next meeting :)



hitme said…
What a wonderfull outfit, the last pic is perfect :) Great blog, I'm following, hope you follow back ;)
Devil_kin said…
Полата е страхотен цвят.Браво за дизайна и изпълнението.Намерих една със същият цвят в гардеробът на майка ми,но още търся вдъхновение как да я съчетая:))
Evie said…
Супер сте! Добре сте се справили с майка ти с полата, много е красива и цветът ти отива! :)
azu said…
I LOVE that white blouse! The red dress is amazing too :)
Melly said…
The last pic is great. :)
lasophia said…
What a wonderful collaboration of you and your mom on that skirt! It is gorgeous! you could totally sell those. I'm a lace addict as well.

Sianna said…
Ех, най-накрая да видя и другия аутфит от черно-бялата снимка с цветни акценти.
Цветът на полата е страхотен и много ти отива.
Dena said…
The sheer skirt is totally happening right now! Love the pictures :) xx