The Wardrobe: Red. Backless. Beautiful.

Hey!!! It's almost Friday! Yay! Do you already have plans for the weekend? I hope it's going to be warm and sunny so can wear more dresses like the one I am going to share now :) It's red... and long... or short... and backless... and beautiful... And guess what?! My mom made it!!! 

Do you like it? I Adore it!!! I have a question for you... Would be interested to purchasing some of my mom's designs online? We are considering it as an option so I'd love to know your opinion!

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Devil_kin said…
Точно се чудех,какъв модел да дам на баба ми,да изплете едно бюстие,което + пола= рокля.Имаш ли нещо против да ползвам идеята за кръстосването отзад?Просто много ми хареса :)
annechovie said…
Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, Plami! All the best with your blog and designs.
Zarna said…
your dress is amazing!
Kristen said…
i love your dress, and i can't believe your mom made it! i'm impressed!
Red is too fun - bright and bold! Good luck if your mom decides to launch! She is too talented!


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amourfashion said…
love that red dress :)