The Wardrobe: My Favorite Maxi

Hey, hey!It's a lovely sunny morning here and I am about to go to my first Italian lesson with a new teacher! Exciting! Guess what! This is going to be an outfit post. I haven't done outfits posts for a while but I'll try to make up for it :)

Lately I love maxi skirts and dresses so much! They're so breezy and beautiful I feel like a princess wearing them! This one is made by my mom and is definitely a favorite! It is a staple of my Summer wardrobe! I made the lovely top and I am very proud of it. It's simple and cute and goes perfectly with the Parfois bracelet. I am sorry but I don't remember where I got the white bag and necklace and the ballerinas are from a local store. What I love about them is that they have little bows on top. And last but not least the sunnies. I both them at Primark the last time I went to Amsterdam. This outfit is so perfect for the Summer season casual, comfortable, chick and lovely! :) 

What do you think!? What is your favorite outfit for the hot hot season?

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Sianna said…
Потникът е много хубав.
Успех с италианския. И аз се надявам да го почна тази или другата година.
By Sara Romero said…
The best thing about your style is how great you rock your own creations! i love that. i have to agree maxis are just the most comfortable things ever.

Beautifull skirt! and nice blog. I follow you now.

Your mom is too talented - love the design at the hem!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Wow! What a vibrant skirt. It's beautiful! This hot hot summer I would love to be in white flowy dresses and a wide brimmed hat. We'll see because the weather in my town is very unpredictable. One minute it's hot then the next it's windy and cold. My fingers are crossed though. Have a nice day!
Kristen said…
can't believe both of those pieces are handmade! they are lovely
very pretty vintage feel to the skirt
Melly said…
Nice outfit. :)
Anoushka said…
Love Love Love the detail at the bottom of the skirt, beautiful! Your mother is certainly talented!
My favourite summer outfit is definitely sky high wedges and ray bans :)
Chrysa said…
Beautiful skirt and shirt! I can't believe you and your mother made them! Lovely colors and pattern!You are both really talented:)

Stories and Sequins
Mariagrazia C. said…
love love love and love your style! I'm following you right now! Hope you can visit and follow mine if you like it!
FashionEnRose said…
Wow, i am definetely a fan of maxi skirt!
I like your outfit!
The Cat Hag said…
You and your mom are so talented with the sewing machine!

I love the whole outfit, the colors are beautiful together. :)

The Cat Hag
La Mode En Rose said…
i'm in love with maxi skirts too!

you look great!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
azu said…
I have a big ol' crush on those sunnies! And your skirt is pretty :) Green happens to be one of my favorite colors.
Ruby Girl said…
great outfit! that hue of green is really eye-catching and i love it with the frilly top. <3
OnTheRacks said…
That skirt is so so SO cute -- loving the whole look. And great blog!! xo
El said…
The floral top is absolutely lovely :)


Dana said…
Cute dress! You look amazing :)
Tony SHT said…
Полата е страхотна, много добре се връзва с гривната и потника. Успех с италианския! Незнам дали е труден, но определено е много благозвучен :)
Love the print clash! Very cool. The patterning on the bottom of the skirt is sooo cool too!

Laura @
Tanvi said…
The outfit looks great!!! You make it work!

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