Inspirational Quote: Picasso says Inspiration Exists

Happy Monday! Happy New week! Here's today's quote ...

I don't need to say more! Inspiration doesn't just hit you out of nothing ... Inspiration is a combination of hard work, bold dreams and most of all - consistency! In other words don't you ever stop chasing your dreams! Don't you just sit around waiting for them to come to you! Stand up and fight for what you want! Give the best of you! Make the most of every second of every day and sooner or later it will come to a point where everything will make sense! Every single effort you make takes you one step closer to the achievement of your biggest wish!

Have a great week! Go out and find your inspiration!



this free bird said…
Fabulous and true quote!!
Devil_kin said…
Така си е.Вдъхновението не идва само като седиш на дивана и го чакаш,трябва да почнеш да "твориш" и чак тогава се задейства.Хубава мисъл си избрала за днес:))
Tony SHT said…
И на мен ми харесва хрумката на Пикасо, хубав начин да започнеш седмицата :)
Great quote! Your blog banner is so beautiful and classic! =)
La Mode En Rose said…
nice post! nice quote!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Picasso has said so many amazing things, I love this quote!
Любимата ми фраза :)
Afrodite said…
Wow, that quote is kind of good! Hope I'll remember it as a future fashion journalist :D

I see I'm not the only one obsessing with the Burlesque soundtracks! My favorites are: show me how you burlesque and something's got a hold on me because they're so catchy!


dhiraj said…
Great quote from the creative predator.