Inspirational Quote: Something New

Happy Monday! It's the beginning of a new week and the time to begin something new! Don't be afraid to try new things you've never done be before because ...

I want so many things and sometimes they seem hard, if not even impossible to achieve. But may be, just may be, if I find enough bravery inside my hard to jump in the unknown, to try to do things I've never done before I will be at least a step closer to my aims. After all if you want something you have to really fight for it! Sometimes it's tough, and sometimes it scary... but dreams should be chased and made true. Have you ever thought how life-changing the fulfillment of your dreams might be? And if you really want it, if you want something so very badly, if you want to hold your dream in palm of your hand you better start now!

Dream on ... !



So true darling - it's all about taking the first step and trying!

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annechovie said…
Good quote, Plami. Have a great week!
Florence said…
agree totally

i followed your blog cos it's awesome

feel free to follow me!
Nimue said…
love that quote!