The Great Designers: Donna Karan

It's Wednesday and you know exactly what this means! Time for a designer spotlight! This time I picked a woman whose work is beautiful, modern and inspiring! She made her first steps into fashion while still a student at the Parsons School of Design in New York when she was offered a summer job as an assisting Anne Klein. After three years as a associate designer, the young woman was named Klein's successor and, following her mentor's death in 1974, she became head of the company. 

After a decade at Anne Klein, where she established a reputation for practical luxury sportswear separates, the designer founded her own company in 1984 with her late husband, Stephan Weiss. A year later her highly acclaimed collection, based around the concept of "seven easy pieces", unveiled the bodysuit that was to become her trademark. Her emphasis on simple yet sophisticated designs, including absolutely everything from wrap skirts to corseted eveningwear, captured the popular mood for "body consciousness" that swept Hollywood in the '80s. By 1989 the talented designer had expanded this philosophy to a street-smart diffusion line and in 1992, inspired by the desire to dress her husband, a menswear line was launched. Since then the company has continued to diversify and expand to cover every age and lifestyle, including a children's range, eyewear, fragrances and home furnishing.

This incredible woman was honored with an unprecedented seven CFDA awards, including 2004's Lifetime Achievement Award to coincide with her 20th anniversary. The company became a publicly-traded enterprise in 1996 and was acquired by French luxury conglomerate LVMH in 2001 for a reported 643 million US-$. She remains the chief designer.

Have you already guessed who this incredible woman and an inspiring designer is? It is the one and only Donna Karan. Her signature pieces are of course the seven easy pieces wardrobe, which is "a simple, sophisticated system of dressing that makes a woman from day to evening, weekday to weekend." Donna Karan describes her work as sensual, urban and body conscious, inspired by any and everything. Passion. Sensuality. Nature - textures of the beach, the melding colors of water, the electricity of the night. 

The talented woman believes that when you're creating something, you must be sensitive to what people want and the times they live in. No matter how innovative it is , what you create should always be relevant and reflect the here and now. This is the reason the designer likes to always think twice about the way people react. People's reaction can always motivate the talented Donna Karan to another level, to keep going forward.

This amazing woman is always trying to create something new, something she has never done before, something truly exciting! She's making clothes for strong, passionate women who are true to themselves and their visions. Donna Karan sees clothes as a canvas to their individuality because the woman is the first thing you see, not her clothes. 

Miss Karan's ultimate goal in life is to find piece and happiness. She believes that you are only as good as the people behind you. What keeps her walking is the challenge of creation, because according to her to live is to move forward, to discover new means of expression. After all of this it's no wonder that when she works Donna Karran is always looking for a balance between purpose and expression. 

And now something I couldn't agree more with. According to this inspiring woman beauty is all about the individuality. There's nothing more attractive than a woman who values her uniqueness, who has the confidence to express herself, to say something new, to create from within.  And remember: no matter how bad or good it is, it will always change, because everything is in constant motion!

" I never see one woman when I design, it's always a universe of women."       ~ Donna Karan

Here are my favorite pieces from the Resort 2012 RTW collection.




To see the complete collection click here.
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