The Great Designers: Donatella Versace

Today's designer is a woman, an Italian, she's a goddess of fashion, she's the female figurehead of one of the few remaining family-run fashion houses, she's Donatella Versace. Her flamboyant, party-girl image has become synonymous with Versace itself. After, her brother Gianni was tragically killed in 1996, Donatella became chef designer and inherited a somewhat daunting legacy, so she met the challenge. Miss Versace is the woman who brought the brand into the 21 century by fusing Gianni's very Italian glamour with her own rock'n'roll instincts. Versace is continually in the public eye, not least because of its - and Donatella's - famous friends. Jon Bon Jovi, Courtney Love and Elizabeth Hurley are all devoted fans. Madonna even posed as a sexy secretary in Versace's spring/summer 2005 ad campaign. Donatella is also the one responsible for extending the brand's range, setting up both cosmetics line and Palazzo Versace, the first six-star Versace hotel, which opened on the Gold coast of Australia in 2000.

Donatella says that her signature designs are the jungle print, the evening dress that Catherine Zeta Jones wore to the Oscars in 2001, the silk fringe dress that Sharon Stone wore to the Oscars in 2002, and the leather pant suit with lace-up details and fringes. The style and ideas behind the collection always comes from the same thought channel - Versace, the designer, and her team. This amazing woman says that everything that goes on the runway and every Versace item is something that she "feels for."

Miss Versace is a very curious person and therefore she gets her inspiration from music, photographs, films, from meeting people, discovering new places and new trends around the world. When she's working she has in mind someone who has individuality, intelligence, and inner confidence which reflects on the outside. 

Donatella says that her brother has been the best maestro she could ever have and everything she knows she has learned from him, and everything that she does and will do will always have a touch of Gianni. This incredibly talented designer believes that new ideas come from having an open mind, so she tries to live intensely every single moment of her life and finds something interesting and stimulating in each of those moments. 

She's an amazing woman and says that fashion is her real life passion, she adores the world of fashion and will never get tired of it. Donatella is convinced that looking good can only come from the inside, it is how you feel about yourself. She's always driven to push forward, searching for what is modern. This is what motivates her. The most important lesson she's ever learned? To live every day to the full, as if it were the last.

"  I am a great believer in the fact that creativity comes from a conflict of ideas."   ~ Donatella Versace

Here are my favorite pieces from the Resort 2012 collection.

To see the complete collection click here.
Click the timeline bellow if you want to checkout other collections.

And now exciting news! The next H&M designer collaboration is going to be with the incredible Donatella Versace! As you all know the thing she does best is making party dresses so incredibly sexy, people are not sure if they'd rather rip them off in a lust rage or keep them on to admire. Moreover, H&M and party dresses are such a successful combination the I'm sure Versace for H&M is going to be a hit! Classic slim-fit LBDs, metallic micro-minis, Grecian geometric patterns and not a single polyester dress! This is how much Donatella knows about sexy dressing. She knows it all!

I know, I know... This was an incredibly long post and believe me it took me ages to put it together but I am done!!! Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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I Love the cream Dress the aviator jacket with the studs. I'm looking forward to it.

La Mode En Rose said…
oh i can't wait to see all the collection Versace for H&M !

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
yiqin; said…
i cant wait for h&m collection w versace <3
Melly said…
I like the dresses.
Sherrie Cola said…
I love that gold dress!
Joy Chou said…
I had no idea Versace was doing a collaboration with H&M! Thanks so much for spreading the good news!
Joy Chou said…
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Sam said…
Great write up