The Great Designers: Antonio Marras

Today's designer spotlight is about a great Italian designer I just discovered recently. Antonio Marras was born in Sardinia in 1961 and he's still based there, working with his extended family in Alghero. The locality and culture have a strong influence on his designs. His aesthetics are characterized by his high-standard craftsmanship and random destruction. His models often include laborious and highly detailed embroidery, holes burned into fine fabrics, extravagant brocades, deconstructed shapes with vintage fabrics and a wide repertoire of what Marras calls "mistreatments": tearing, matting, staining, encrusting with salt, etc. 

The designer didn't have any formal training and his career was launched in 1988 when a Rome-based entrepreneur spotted his potential. The very same year Antonio Marras won the Contemporary Linen Prize for a wedding dress and worked freelance for a number of companies he infused with his love for the Medditerranean costume. The first collection under his own name was launched in 1999 and by 2002 he was already established as an international designer in his own right. Since 2003 Marras has been in the limelight as an artistic director of womenswear for Kenzo. 

His signature designs have uniqueness, character and soul. A big part of every Antonio Marras collection is made of customized vintage or handmade pieces. He says that every single model is like a son to him, he cannot choose a favorite. The designer describes his work as a big good luck because it sums up all his passions: cinema, literature, photography and art. 

Inspired by everything and nothing: a word of a friend, his grandmother's photo, an old shoe found on a market, Marras works for today and never thinks about tomorrow. He says that while working he doesn't think about anything, he goes into a kind of a trance. Designing might be difficult for him but it is the only thing he loves to do. Antonio Marras's favorite definition of beauty is what his son said at the age of four: what is beautiful, is beauty. 
The designer's philosophy is "If it has to be, let it be!" and the most important lesson he has ever learned is to never take something for granted.

"  Every single piece is a piece of my heart."   ~ Antonio Marras

Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection. I actually wanted to post everyting... it was hard to make a choice because all the pieces are so soft and feminine. That's the reason I love Italian fashion so much! Enjoy!




To see the complete collection click here.
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италианската мода винаги е била красива :)
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such great designs
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Love the collection too. The pieces are all so different!
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Great dresses

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AMAZING collection! breathtaking!
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Love the pink dress with the beige vest!
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Great post, girl! And selection of pictures is amazing!


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