June 30, 2011

The Wardrobe: Easy Breezy

Hey! It's Thursday afternoon and I've been studying all day long as I have an exam tomorrow so I am really happy to finally find some time to share an outfit with you! It's perfect for the hot Summer we have here because it's quite breezy and colorful! The best part is that it's entirely made by my talented mom!

I love the combination of green and purple, which I never thought could work so well! The detail on the back of the top is my favorite part of the outfit... and as you know I love maxi skirts! And these are my favorite new Ray Bans! The adorable white ballerinas are from a local store and I got the bag back when I was living in Holland... I am in love with the white feather earrings which you cannot really see in these pictures unfortunately. Anyways, I think feathers are a great accessory choice for the summer. I added the bright yellow flower so there will be an accent in the outfit... Something that really pops! This flower was originally meant for decoration actually but me and my mom fell in love with it so we changed it! Hope you like it! :)

Here's a song I really love... Aren't you dreaming about a Parisian Summer as well? <3

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow! :)


June 28, 2011

The Wardrobe: Earth Tones

Hey, hey! Guess what! It's time for a quick sneak peak in my wardrobe! Today I'm gonna show you what I wore for a kind of chilly Sunday walk in the city. My newly rediscover love for Earth tones speaks loudly in this outfit. I just think Earth tones are so well balanced, they give me the sense of well composed style and stability, of piece of mind ...

To start with... The entire outfit revolves around the beautiful hand-knitted top my mom made the day before! I wanted to wear it so badly I was kind of glad the weather wasn't so good :) She made the gorgeous wooden necklace and bracelet! Surprise! My mom does not only make clothes but a whole lot of other beautiful things! The clutch is vintage. It used to belong to my grandmother!!! Can you imagine what a story it has! I love the specific color although it's really hard to style... well not since I have this jewelry :) What else... The skirt was a gift and I have it for ages but I especially checked the brand just now and guess what! It's H&M! The glasses are as well. Last but not least, one of my most comfortable pairs of summer shoes are Graceland. After I rediscovered and re-appreciated the beauty and many possibilities of natural Earth tone you will probably see the different parts of this outfit pretty often, so I hope you like them!

What colors do you love to wear? What are the staples in your wardrobe?

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June 27, 2011

Inspirational Quote: Something New

Happy Monday! It's the beginning of a new week and the time to begin something new! Don't be afraid to try new things you've never done be before because ...

I want so many things and sometimes they seem hard, if not even impossible to achieve. But may be, just may be, if I find enough bravery inside my hard to jump in the unknown, to try to do things I've never done before I will be at least a step closer to my aims. After all if you want something you have to really fight for it! Sometimes it's tough, and sometimes it scary... but dreams should be chased and made true. Have you ever thought how life-changing the fulfillment of your dreams might be? And if you really want it, if you want something so very badly, if you want to hold your dream in palm of your hand you better start now!

Dream on ... !


June 26, 2011

Shoot of the week: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Jesse Brukman

Hello!!! It's Sunday! I am not sure how do I feel about Sundays... On one hand, what's better than a lazy Sunday afternoon? But then again... Sunday means the weekend is almost over... But Sunday means one more thing - it's time for one of my favorite features! The shoot of the week! This week I chose a spread that features my favorite model  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shot by Jesse Brukman. She's beautiful, calm, fresh, sexy... She's perfect! Whole Lotta Rosie!

Isn't this the most beautiful and perfect Sunday afternoon?


June 25, 2011

Galliano and LVMH! The latest GREAT news!

I am so excited to share with you what I just read! Some great news!!! LVMH is considering re-hiring John Galliano!!! How great is that?! I really really hope so my favorite designer will be back in the fashion world creating his masterpieces - soft, feminine, stunning!

It wasn't even 24 hours ago when the Financial Time's Vanessa Friedman predicted the return of the one and only designer to the fashion industry. She said "People love a redemption story. Cathy Horyn is the one who reports the news:

"On Thursday, I ran into a number of executives who work with LVMH, and they would speak only on the condition of anonymity because of their close dealings. One individual said there had been casual discussions among LVMH executives about the feasibility of Mr. Galliano returning to his own label. Would the media and the public accept his return? This individual said he thought so. Another executive with whom I spoke had the same view. He cited the appeal of Mr. Galliano’s ultrafeminine fashion and added that in recent years the designer had lost touch with that sensibility (and indeed reality). 'It became a kind of Lady Gaga show, and he’s more talented than this,' the executive said."

I knew it!

In case you are wondering what am I talking about here's what happened:

What do you think about it?
Have a great weekend!!! 


June 24, 2011

Fashion and Celebrity

In the early twentieth century, fashion designers helped bring about the cult of celebrity by forging a relationship between screen and fashion. It was the era of cinema, so the most adored celebrities were primarily actors and actresses from the silver screen. The original "it" girl Clara Bow, was carefully molded by fashion and Hollywood in the 1920s to represent glamour and style. Other stars such as Gloria Swanson adorned the fashion pages, personifying unrivaled beauty and chic. Exposing and exploiting the celebrity gave the fashion industry the ability to market and promote their latest designs both on and off the screen. The affiliation between celebrity and fashion is even stronger today.

In this era authors, artists and sporting heroes also commanded the accolade of celebrity. By the end of the 1950s, things were starting to change and the reason was that rock'n'roll was taking over the world. The Rock Star was born. Commanding just as much, if not even more, exposure trough their brand new music and antics both on and off the stage, the rock star was way too cool and free-spirited to be drawn into the fashion publicity machine. They remained independent on all fronts, including fashion and style; the were the trend setters, not followers. 

In essence, those who were in the limelight had certain qualities; they has excelled within their field or made groundbreaking discoveries. However, in the last fifteen years we have witnessed quite a shift in the meaning of the term " celebrity."   Nowadays it's not a must to have some sort of a talent to be in the spotlight. In out times privacy is hard to achieve, "reality" magazines and TV shows expose controversial behavior for the society to indulge. Instyle, People, Look, OK, and Heat are just a few if the magazines that are solely devoted to reporting this new brand of celebrity. Born from this are celebrities who aren't known for their talent but rather for their infamy and ability to manipulate and command media coverage.

The glamorous and sophisticated silver-screen heroines now seem like a distant memory. The relationship between celebrity and fashion then was by no means just based on glamour and style; it was status-bearing and had financial incentives for all involved. Nonetheless, in comparison to today's celebrity culture, it seems playfully naive. 

 Have a great Friday, followed by a sunny weekend!!! 

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June 23, 2011

The Wardrobe: Red. Backless. Beautiful.

Hey!!! It's almost Friday! Yay! Do you already have plans for the weekend? I hope it's going to be warm and sunny so can wear more dresses like the one I am going to share now :) It's red... and long... or short... and backless... and beautiful... And guess what?! My mom made it!!! 

Do you like it? I Adore it!!! I have a question for you... Would be interested to purchasing some of my mom's designs online? We are considering it as an option so I'd love to know your opinion!

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June 22, 2011

The Great Designers: Donatella Versace

Today's designer is a woman, an Italian, she's a goddess of fashion, she's the female figurehead of one of the few remaining family-run fashion houses, she's Donatella Versace. Her flamboyant, party-girl image has become synonymous with Versace itself. After, her brother Gianni was tragically killed in 1996, Donatella became chef designer and inherited a somewhat daunting legacy, so she met the challenge. Miss Versace is the woman who brought the brand into the 21 century by fusing Gianni's very Italian glamour with her own rock'n'roll instincts. Versace is continually in the public eye, not least because of its - and Donatella's - famous friends. Jon Bon Jovi, Courtney Love and Elizabeth Hurley are all devoted fans. Madonna even posed as a sexy secretary in Versace's spring/summer 2005 ad campaign. Donatella is also the one responsible for extending the brand's range, setting up both cosmetics line and Palazzo Versace, the first six-star Versace hotel, which opened on the Gold coast of Australia in 2000.

Donatella says that her signature designs are the jungle print, the evening dress that Catherine Zeta Jones wore to the Oscars in 2001, the silk fringe dress that Sharon Stone wore to the Oscars in 2002, and the leather pant suit with lace-up details and fringes. The style and ideas behind the collection always comes from the same thought channel - Versace, the designer, and her team. This amazing woman says that everything that goes on the runway and every Versace item is something that she "feels for."

Miss Versace is a very curious person and therefore she gets her inspiration from music, photographs, films, from meeting people, discovering new places and new trends around the world. When she's working she has in mind someone who has individuality, intelligence, and inner confidence which reflects on the outside. 

Donatella says that her brother has been the best maestro she could ever have and everything she knows she has learned from him, and everything that she does and will do will always have a touch of Gianni. This incredibly talented designer believes that new ideas come from having an open mind, so she tries to live intensely every single moment of her life and finds something interesting and stimulating in each of those moments. 

She's an amazing woman and says that fashion is her real life passion, she adores the world of fashion and will never get tired of it. Donatella is convinced that looking good can only come from the inside, it is how you feel about yourself. She's always driven to push forward, searching for what is modern. This is what motivates her. The most important lesson she's ever learned? To live every day to the full, as if it were the last.

"  I am a great believer in the fact that creativity comes from a conflict of ideas."   ~ Donatella Versace

Here are my favorite pieces from the Resort 2012 collection.

To see the complete collection click here.
Click the timeline bellow if you want to checkout other collections.

And now exciting news! The next H&M designer collaboration is going to be with the incredible Donatella Versace! As you all know the thing she does best is making party dresses so incredibly sexy, people are not sure if they'd rather rip them off in a lust rage or keep them on to admire. Moreover, H&M and party dresses are such a successful combination the I'm sure Versace for H&M is going to be a hit! Classic slim-fit LBDs, metallic micro-minis, Grecian geometric patterns and not a single polyester dress! This is how much Donatella knows about sexy dressing. She knows it all!

I know, I know... This was an incredibly long post and believe me it took me ages to put it together but I am done!!! Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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June 21, 2011

The Wardrobe: My Favorite Maxi

Hey, hey!It's a lovely sunny morning here and I am about to go to my first Italian lesson with a new teacher! Exciting! Guess what! This is going to be an outfit post. I haven't done outfits posts for a while but I'll try to make up for it :)

Lately I love maxi skirts and dresses so much! They're so breezy and beautiful I feel like a princess wearing them! This one is made by my mom and is definitely a favorite! It is a staple of my Summer wardrobe! I made the lovely top and I am very proud of it. It's simple and cute and goes perfectly with the Parfois bracelet. I am sorry but I don't remember where I got the white bag and necklace and the ballerinas are from a local store. What I love about them is that they have little bows on top. And last but not least the sunnies. I both them at Primark the last time I went to Amsterdam. This outfit is so perfect for the Summer season casual, comfortable, chick and lovely! :) 

What do you think!? What is your favorite outfit for the hot hot season?

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June 20, 2011

Inspirational Quote: Find you own path

Happy Monday!!! The sun's shining outside, I am having a big cup of hot coffee, listening to my favorite music... And now it's time to share the inspiring quote for this week!

Don't be a follower! Be a leader! Find the bravery hidden inside and let you heart be the only think you follow! Don't be afraid to walk alone sometimes! Be bold and find your own path! Amaze everyone, but most importantly amaze yourself! Do something extraordinary right away! Don't be afraid to be your unique self!

Have a great, magical week!


June 19, 2011

Shoot of the week: Lisanne de Jong by Viviane Sassen

Happy Sunday! I hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!! Time for the Shoot of the Week and today's spread is much different than anything I've posted in this feature! It's an absolute color explosion! Flowers, colors and lots of energy! Lisanne de Jong is wearing the designs of Rag & Bone, Jil Sander, Sonia Rykiel, Gucci and more get layered up for a dynamic effect. The breathtaking images are captured by Viviane Sassen for Dazed and Confused! In Bloom!




Have a great rest of the weekend! And stay tuned for the inspirational quote tomorrow!

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June 17, 2011

Fashion as Big Business: The New Face of Luxury

In the 1990s the levels of disposable income were constantly high, so the spending habits among newly wealthy women began to change. Seductive marketing and advertising campaigns were created a swarming frenzy each time a new or limited-edition range was released. This is how the "must-have" culture was created. All fashion magazines were full of glossy adverts promoting the latest offerings in luxury handbags, a trend that still continues today. Some women were buying luxury handbags every few months as a display of their status and fashion eliteness. 

The success of the luxury goods industry in the last twenty years can be attributed to four main factors: the huge wealth creation of the 1990s; a growth in the tourism (newly wealthy people including Chinese and Russians could afford to travel to major cities such as New York, Paris and London, where they could purchase luxury goods tax-free); increased market share and network distribution by the big fashion conglomerates; and, most importantly, a strategy by the luxury goods houses to foresee the democratization of luxury. The last factor is the reason for the major change in the nature of consumerism as we know it. However, the democratization has created a market so fickle and dependent on the economy that anything from a slight dip in the financial markets trough a severe recession sees consumers zipping up their wallets. The very reach are different though, they are recession proof, but they cannot carry the whole luxury goods market alone.

With the success of diffusion lines, mass-market chain stores have jumped on the bandwagon and flexed their financial muscle. As designers try to ride the storm, an opportunity to further their market appeal and share has seen them democratize fashion further down the economic scale. The initiative was taken by H&M with its global network of 1,800 stores. It's limited-edition collections have included collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Matthew Williamson, Sonia Rykiel and of course Lanvin. These have generated favorable media attention as well as a stampede of customers.

Meanwhile, Alexander McQueen designed a line for the US chain store Target, and Giles Deacon has designed ranges for New Look in the UK. In 2009 there was a highly publicized collaboration between the Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo and the German designer Jil Sander.The collaboration brought together Sander's highly respected design aesthetic and the financial and distributional might of Uniqlo, which has more than 750 store around the world.

Once the epitome of budget fashion for the masses, the mall and high street is now becoming the epicenter of democratic luxury, style and for money. As financial instability plays its part, luxury boutiques once brimming with rich and aspirational consumers now find the very same aspirational customers flocking to the mall along with the masses to indulge in the new, acceptable face of luxury.

Have a great Friday Night! The weekend just began! (at least where I live :)


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