Inspirational Quote: St Catherine of Siena

Good Morning on this Spring Monday. 

I heard the quote I am about to share with you during the royal wedding, which was the most beautiful, inspiring and touching thing I've seen in a long time.

" Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."   ~ St Catherine of Siena 

I am not the religious type but it's this one is not about religion, destiny, or luck. It's about who are you, what are you best at, what do you love most. It's about being your real self with no fear. It's about revealing your unique personality to the world because there is no one, not even one, like you! Follow YOUR dreams! Do what you love doing, not what the world expects you to and you will be surprise how capable and great you are. There is something you are better at than everyone else because you love it, because you were meant to do it. Follow your dreams and you will find out you've got way more potential than you've ever thought so. You can set the world on fire! You just have to believe it! 


Have a great and sunny week everyone! Find the fire burning inside of you! Find it today!
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LA said…
Nice post babe!

Susie Heymer said…
What a beautiful, Plami! What a beautiful phrase! Your text was so deep! It was thrilling to read. Like sometimes linger for we touch it! We have to be who we are! Achieve our dreams, without thinking what the world wants from us! God knows what is best for us and then just let it happen naturally and it comes right with us! Loved the post! It made me think a lot in my life! And now I'm sure I'm on track.
A special day for you!
By Sara Romero said…
i love inspiring things like this :) it helps you dream a little bigger. what an adorable quote <3

Pauline said…
I really like the phrase that says believe in yourself!
Yess u got to believe, no matter what ^_^

Nnenna said…
"Do what you love doing and not what the world expects of you"- I think that's a lesson I really need to take to heart! Thanks Plami for this post! =)

star-crossed smile
GretchTM said…
So inspirational. I love it.
ChiccaStyle said…
Totally agree!!!Great post!
vintage process said…
Thank you for your comment!
Nice post!
Essiefashion said…
Really good quotes :D
Sick by Trend said…
yummy cupcakesssss!! :D

Meisha.Style said…
i like it! thanks for sharing!
Ro Little said…
Beautiful post! Thanks so much!
Ro Little
This is lovely, such a beautiful and inspirational post! :)

Beauty, Not Bullshit @
Clint said…
Check the source, however--in the context of the original letter from Catherine of Siena to Stefano Maconi, the actual quote reads: "If you are what you ought to be, you will set fire to all Italy, and not only yonder."
La Mode En Rose said…
oh so pretty! i love the quotes!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Thanks for Inspiration! Love it!!!
Interesting and very much attractive I must say. Good job and Well done :)