The Wardrobe: Sofia Blogger Society Meet up

YES! We met up again and it was fabulous. This time we were 5 this time and we had so much fun again! Can't wait to see everyone again... next week :) Of course we took tons of pictures and it's hard to pick which ones to upload. Unfortunately the only boy that was with us had to leave earlier and now I don't have his photo but here's a link to Emo's blog: The Archive of Lost Dreams.

Eli from Mademoiselle E.

 Raya from Eden

Eva from HoneyPancake

And me and my outfit 

I am wearing Agata romper. I don't think the brand exists anymore but it was Bulgarian and very alternative. I haven't worn it for ages an then I saw a similar one in the latest Gucci collection. The jacket and the shades are from H&M and the shoes are Paolo Botticelli.

Have a great weekend!



Devil_kin said…
Аз харесвах нещата на Агата,но вече ги няма.Браво супер сте и 4те.Другият път със снимка на кавалера
ChiccaStyle said…
Hey honey you're so stylish in this post!!!You look great with this romper, it fits you in a lovely way!!!
Have a great Easter weekend,
Cylia said…
looks like you had a blast girl:) I'm loving your hairstyle! totally rockin' the bangs.
all you guys have got great style.
It-Blogirls said…
Thank you so much
you all look so great!
Anonymous said…
hello, thanks for the lovely comment & for stopping by :)
I really love your yellow pants! looks like fun!
Ellaine said…
It was a great day! I'm so happy that I met you, guys!!! <3 :))
Sounds like a lovely time was had. I adore your heels and the red hobo bag - fantastic. :)

Plami, I wanted to thank you for stopping by so often and leaving your thoughts. I genuinely appreciate your passion for fashion and energy that exudes from your words. I can only imagine that you a pleasure to spend time with. Have a lovely weekend and thank you again.

S. said…
Thank you for your comment, good to know I'm not alone!

/S / http://
Brookelyn said…
Looks like so much fun! I need to find some blogger friends!
Melly said…
beautiful pics. :)
Susie Heymer said…
These meetings are very good! You are stylish:)

Sienna said…
adore the look with the striped top!
La Mode En Rose said…
all looks very nice! cool photos!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Aquí said…
how fun! Love your shoes :)
Aww your shoes, perfect for spring! <3
Julia_Julia said…
that so cool! wish i lived nearby so i could meetup!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
Storm said…
pretty cool shots. I've been scrolling the post's back and forth a couple of times, gotta say.


You have a adorable blog by the way,hope you'll pass by
Lívia Salazar said…
great pics, great bloggers!
you all look wonderful! i love your shoes! =)
monsefuentes said…
Great pictures!

Happy Easter!
Monse F.-
Coury Combs said…
Aw, looks so fun! :)
Ioana Liliana said…
Seems like you had an amazing day!

oomph. said…
this looks like so much fun! your outfit is fabulous! jumpers are so easy and comfortable!
Ana Patricia said…
How cool is it that you can all meet and spare some time together! I loved all the photos, they look amazing. I will start to check out their blogs as well:)

Already following you now. Shall we follow each other? Let me know ;)

By Sara Romero said…
ooo I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!! its the best one..oops sorry ladies. this is so cute. what did you guys do?

You guys look Great!!! Plami, thank you for all the {lovely comments}!