The Wardrobe: The Summer Within

Good morning! It seems the sun won't come up today but who cares! As Albert Camus once said " In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."  Find happiness in your heart that no one can take away from you and keep the smile on your face!

I am so proud I made this blouse. Well, with my mom's help of course but still. I love the way it turned out! Lately I am really into polka dots! You've already seen my favorite Capasca skirt and Mexx coat. Oh, and the yellow flower was meant for home decoration but me and my lovely mom are full of ideas and very crafty. I love how it pops out and gives freshness to the outfit.

Have a fabulous day! It's almost Friday! <3



Alexandra said…
oh,the blouse you made (with your mom,ofcourse) is so cute and its print goes so fun with the flower !! Love the colors of the whole outfit <3

alexandra @
Bulgarian Beauty, how r u doing? I love the blouse and that yellow rose makes the outfit love even more lovely.

Wouldnt mind if a bulgarian beauty that loves kissing and kissing, follows me back :)
yiqin; said…
your top is perfect :)
That flower packs the perfect pop of spring!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Mila said…
Beautiful and encouraging words. I love your style.
Anonymous said…
i'm actually crazy in love with yellow stuff on b&W other stuff, so i love your outfit!
hugs from italy!
Anonymous said…
i'm actually crazy in love with yellow stuff on b&W other stuff, so i love your outfit!
hugs from italy!
Angela said…
J aime cette fleur!!!! Belle tenue!!!
Angela Donava
Nicola said…
Love this outfit! adorable. Am officially following our blog ! x

Take a look at mine / follow please??!

michelle_ said…
I love the printed top so much !

glisters and blisters
ahh! you carry spring around! = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Mirjam said…
I really love the yellow flower :)
GretchTM said…
That's such a pretty blouse! You and your mom did an awesome job. It turned out really nice and it looks so cute with the yellow flower. :)
omg i cannot believe you made that! it is so gorgeous! sew me something :)

<3 steffy
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You did a great job on the blouse! Reminds me of how me and my grandma used to make clothes together, too! xoxo
Sienna said…
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Sienna said…
that coat is amazing!!!
annierama said…
so cute shots! really like yoru blog ;)
Zarna said…
you're so talented! this blouse is amazing!
ChiccaStyle said…
Absolutely lovely!!!You did a great job with the blouse, so cute!Everything is well paired!
Melly said…
Sweet Outfit. :)
Vera said…
Your blouse is so sweet xxx
Marella said…
Amazing outfit dear!
Cute blouse ;)
Ninjagaiden78 said…
Awesome that you made the blouse!
You have skills.
I like the big flower too.
By Sara Romero said…
wow you guys did a great job bc that blouse look great. did you draw up the pattern for it yourself also? that quote is so cute and the flower definitely shows that summer is inside of you :)

Emma said…
I love your hair!
Sailor said…
Very beautiful outfit. You look very pretty in it. Nilambur
chellemorgan said…
Great outfit! Love the pattern on the bouse and you made it so cute and girly with the yellow brooch.

Xo Chelle
diana kang said…
thats so amazing you made the shirt! looks GREAT xx
Gina Michele said…
Love the polka dots and plaid together!

♥ Gina Michele
great job on the blouse!:)
augustalolita said…
amazing outfit!! love the different prints and colors!! you look stunning <3
Yvette said…
love the blouse!

New updates online come check it out!
Theresa said…
You're too cute! I love how the blouse came out- you did a wonderful job with it. The skirt is perfect with it as well! ♥
Aquí said…
Love the little pop of yellow in your outfit!
Anonymous said…
цветно и красиво!