The Wardrobe: Shirt-Dress

This morning I am completely speechless, maybe because I am still really sleepy and the weather outside is rainy... and you know there's nothing better to do on a rainy day than just sleep in you warm bed. Unfortunately I have lots to do so I have to hurry up and figure out a proper outfit for a rainy and chilly day. Anyways, here's an outfit I wore on a better day when it was sunny and I spend ours just waking around enjoying the Spring. 

I love shirt-dresses, they are so easy and look great. This one is BattiBaleno and it goes perfectly with my lovely H&M ballerinas. You've seen my favorite Parfois scarf and bracelet several times already... and probably you will keep on seeing them as I adore them. And lastly the floral bag... Guess what! My mom made it! Isn't it great? I think it is!

Have a great sunny day!

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Ellaine said…
ауу много сладкo,пролетно,слънчево :)))))))
Evie said…
Шалът и роклята са като създадени да се носят заедно, много нежно.:)
Sassi said…
what a cute floral scarf!
Marella said…
Amazing outfit!
Susie Heymer said…
Hi, Plame! Rainy days are really great for getting under the blanket and watch a good movie, heheh. But part is not it! I think perfect for reflecting on life! It seems that the rain clears all the bad energy, bringing many new and positive energy.
I loved your outfit today. Perfect for sightseeing! I loved especially the bag, very delicate and also the shoes! I think his hair so cute!
I love to receive your visit, always makes me happy!

Devil_kin said…
Шалът е много нежен.Майка ти наистина е много талантлива.Чантата е много свежа.
lovely : )

Anonymous said…
I love the bag, it's gorgeous and you'll be the only one carrying it. Mom's are the best. :)


Twitter - @ishrattrishna
Mimi said…
What a lovely outfit :) I love the scarf!

Rosa Pel said…
waoh u are gorgeous !
AgataP said…
love your shirt and scarf!
La Mode En Rose said…
the bag is so girly! = )

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kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Sienna said…
really love that bag dear x
two birds said…
it's super cute and looks great on you! and you dressed it up just perfectly with the floral scarf!
Sunny & Star said…
It has been raining here for the large part of two weeks. I am so excited there is some sunshine outside today.

Love your scarf. The pattern is so pretty.
ChiccaStyle said…
Vote 10 for your glamourous shirt/dress!!!
Cylia said…
what a cool flower bag:) compliments to your mum!
Nicollette said…
Love your scarf ! Great outfit ... <3
Nice blog.

Nicollette from:
Thank you Plami!
You look great in a shirt-dress. For some reason, not one I've ever tried had ever looked good on me. Maybe because I have wide hips.

& you have the coolest mom ever. You have so many great and original pieces she made or helped you with :)

xoxo Anastasya from
beesandbugs said…
Ризата е чудно хубава и много добре се допълва с останалите елементи от аутфита :)
Anonymous said…
such great style! and i love your hair!
Natalie Suarez said…
super cute! i love it :)
Fashionistable said…
Shirt dresses are a great staple. You look sweet in yours. Xxxx
Fábio Mariz said…
Oi linda adorei seu blog e já estou te seguindo, visite o nosso e seja uma seguidora.

#BEIJOS ('.')

@FabioMarizReal & @MarizModa
Anonymous said…
love this post!

Lady Royale said…
love the shoes so cuties!!!
i follow you !
V. said…
oh love your shirt and your scarf! and also love your blog: I follow now!
visit mine and if u like it follow me back! I'd glad.
I'm expecting for u.
thanks, v
Nnenna said…
I love this shirt dress- perfect for a rainy or a sunny day! =)

star-crossed smile
Pieter said…
I'm in love with the scarf! very cute xo
Tony SHT said…
Браво на майка ти, чантата е приказна! :)