The Wardrobe: Leopard

I  am kind of speechless today... I don't really know why. Maybe I am still very sleepy or maybe it's the rainy weather outside. To get over it I decided to share with you the outfit I wore on Saturday when ti was warm and nice. I hope you feel good about leopard print because... oh well here it is:

The tights and the vest are form my beloved H&M, the dress is from Terranova and I bought it once on my way to the seaside with the intention just to go to the beach with it... well it turned out to be pretty versatile, and the scarf is from Tally Weijl. I love this green leather back. It was hand made and it is so beautiful, although not really comfortable. So how do you feel about leopard?

Do you like my outfit posts? Do you thing I should do more of them or maybe once or twice a week is perfectly enough? I'd like to know your opinion so  can do more of the posts you actually enjoy :) I am open to all requests, idea or advices. After all you are my inspiration!

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plamka said…
great photos! :))i like it!
come to me and follow if you want.
have a nice day!
uhooi said…
"I enjoy your blog so much!
You have beautiful pictures!"
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Natasha A. said…
I think we both share passion for leopard print haha! Following now, nice blog!

Take a lot to mine, just started yesterday and need a little support :)
all that leopard is great chick!
Pau Villafuerte said…
I really do enjoy your outfit posts, like this one. But it would be cool too to see other kinds of posts and maybe even sharing your personal experiences more would be great!

<3 Paulyn from
ChiccaStyle said…
Lovely!!!I am a big fan of animal prints and you look adorable!Yes I think you can post more often your outfits, 3 or 4 times a week because you have sense of style!!!
Sunny & Star said…
I love your look. You look so chic. That scarf is amazing.
Aquí said…
very cute! I love the scarf!
Rosa Pel said…
like ur haircut !
TMFA said…
Nice outfit!
Anonymous said…
you've got a great blog!
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Alexa said…
I enjoy outfit posts..It's nice to see what everyone else is wearing!
Cute! i love animal print!! georgeous!! :D
Runway Rundown said…
Love leopard!
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wow you did the necklace already??!! you maked me so happy with your comment! really = D

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
dotie said…
i truly believe that leopard prints will never go out of style :)
cute outfit!

eclectic du jour
I am Folklore said…
I'm hunting for a leopard scarf, perhaps even a chunky cardi in that jungle kind of print..thanks for sharing:-)xx V
Michelle Lee said…
such a cool outfit :)
GretchTM said…
This outfit is adorable! I love your scarf!
I love leopard print, I love your outfit!
Kisses from México!
Nelah said…
I love animal really adds some dramatic touch to the outfit.
Marella said…
Amazing outfit dear!
Thanks for your sweet comment! <3
Nnenna said…
I love the leopard-print scarf and your purse is such a great color! I really like your outfit posts :)

star-crossed smile
Lívia Salazar said…
Great post, love these pics, so nice :)
ooh love leopard print, your tights are SO cute. I'm off to H&M this weekend and can't wait. xx veronika
Anonymous said…
great photos! i love leopard!!!
xxx so
Jenlen said…
great photos of you, i like the outfit!
AdelGomez said…
wow, i like this photos love it, so pretty ?
Adorable, Adorable, Adorable :D