April 9, 2011

Links à la Mode: April 7th

Good morning!!! It's a lovely Saturday morning and I am about to go out but before that I want to share with you something exciting! I finally made it! Wander what?! I got featured in Links à la Mode on IFB! This made my day!!! I mean it! Here's the round up! Don't miss a single post because they are all very interesting!

It’s Not All About the Clothes

Edited by Meghan Donovan at WIT & Whimsy

If you’re a fashion blogger, you know that personal style is often not just about what apparel you put on each day, but it’s about accessories and shoes and beauty, but even more so, it’s about the little elements in every day life that inspire you and influence your taste. As fashion blogging continues to evolve I’ve watched more and more bloggers share little intimate looks into their every day lives, the moments that fill their weekends with joy and those unexpected experiences – as trivial as they may be sometimes – that have you taking to the keyboard and storytelling to your readers.

Links à la Mode: April 7th

Stay tuned for an outfit post later on today :)

P.S. Don't forget about my facebook page where I post anything and everything related to fashion I find beautiful and interesting - pictures, whole editorials, quotes, articles... well you can imagine. So if you want to follow me there as well just click here.
Have a great Saturday!!!



Alexa said...

Congrats on the feature! Also, I can't wait to see your outfit post!


Devil_kin said...

Браво.От известно време и аз се включих във IFB, но още не съм го разучила :))

camille said...

your blog is really cool! i love it!


make the world a prettier place said...

Congratulations! I is always pretty cool and exciting to be on this list!
- Marie

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