The Great Designers: Frida Giannini for Gucci

Lets talk class and elegance today. What are they to you? One of the synonyms to both of these words is definitely Gucci. Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence, the company had been a traditional family-run Italian business until Guccio's grandson Maurizio sold his final share of the brand in 1993. It was the founder who intertwined his initials to create the iconic logo.

From the mid 90's to 2004 Tom Ford was in charge and established the luxurious and elegant image of the brand. After he exited Gucci and its parent company  the Gucci Group new management filled his position. John Ray, for menswear, Frida Giannini for accessories and Alessandra Facchinetti for womenswear. Since the last departed the company in 2005 Frida Giannini is also responsible for womenswear collections. 

She's the one who pushed Gucci, one the most recognizable status labels of the late 20th century, into a new era. She's responsible for the brand's high-profile accessories and womenswear collections, which have become synonymous with figure-hugging pencil skirts, glamorous sportswear and vixen-ish eveningwear.

Frida Giannini herself describes her work as a great research, necessary adaptation, fabulous team work, very hard work, reflection, and attention to what is happening in the world. All of this definitely leads to great, breathtaking results. The talented designer believes that often fashion can reflect the sociological mood of the moment. She has many different goals but believes that the most important of all is to live in harmony with herself and with others. 

Inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who to her is the ultimate in elegance, Giannini thinks of a mood, a way of living, of a certain needs for women and men, while working. Her aim is to possibly link the history of the Gucci brand and its iconic pieces with contemporary design and style. She says that the greatest influence to her career has been her passion, her family, her drive, and the world of vintage.

The most important lesson this inspiring Italian woman has ever learned trough her experience is how to be a good leader, how important communicating, expressing, and listening is within the teams. She's not afraid to say the final "yes"or the final "no." And these are the two hardest words in the world. We should all learn from her bravery. 

" Beauty is very subjective and personal, and I believe that when something gives pleasure to your eyes and to your soul... well, that's beautiful."   ~ Frida Giannini

Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection:




To see the complete collection click here.
And If you are interested in the latest and very beautiful Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection it is here.
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Marella said…
Looove her style and work!
great article. love her work.
Evie said…
Пролетната им колекция наистина е страхотна!
beesandbugs said…
Много хубава статия, а колекцията на Gucci е пълна със страхотни вдъхновяващи комбинации :)
michelle_ said…
lovedd the gucci collection !

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www.glisters and
She's such an influence :)
And I couldn't be happier over the new trends, color blocking, bright colors,... I'm in love <3

And thanks for your advise! I am planning on painting the walls in ONE color xoxo
Elegantesque said…
this collection is just killing me, she's doing a great job in GUCCI
the only negative point is that she only use skinniest model and doutzen kroes was considered a little bit curvy though she was a model for gucci....

Jesey said…
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Pau Villafuerte said…
This is a really great collection! Interesting indeed.

<3 Paulyn
Frida really brought color blocking to the forefront and created such luxurious, feminine styles!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Cylia said…
ahh.. gucci.. :) really pretty things in the last collection.
ChiccaStyle said…
Frida is such a strong and creative woman!!!Beautiful post!
Alina V. said…
I love Gucci's spring/summer 2011 collections. Is one of the best
Sienna said…
love gucci, the color blocking this season is just genius
my favorite spring trend is color blocking , and the Gucci suit is my inspiration
La Mode En Rose said…
i love her desings and now her office!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
GretchTM said…
Very nice post! Love the collection.
Sick by Trend said…
Frida is awesome!! Love her work and also how she makes a change in Gucci! :D

Angel Garcia said…
I love Frida and the work she has done for Gucci. She really has transformed the line, especially the mens. It always bothers me when everyone starts saying that she is not as talented as Tom. This might be true, but you can't expect someone to replicate the same work and vision as the previous designer. Every designer brings something new to the table. I think she is perfect for Gucci and always excited to see her new works.

All the best, Angel
Zarna said…
thanks for the fashion history lesson - i love learning about things like this!

also really digging the collection - so beautiful!
Mary ♥ Mur said…

Very nice post.)) i love it.))♥
Viv said…
their collection is fabulous! i love it :)
katie carlin said…
great post!!! their collection is amazing!! xx Katie
Susie Heymer said…
Hi, Plami!
It is really fantastic! And the collection is adorable! I love Gucci! I loved your post!
Beckerman Girls said…
This is such a fab thing you did on her! We love Gucci soo much!! She made it sooo colorful and cool!
xo Big Kiss
Beckerman Girls
Fashionistable said…
Oh my a beautiful woman producing beautiful work. Very inspiring indeed. Great post very well written. Xxxx
Nnenna said…
I love the color combination of teal and orange in these looks- so pretty!

star-crossed smile
Gina Michele said…
Great post! She's amazing! I love the spring collection.

♥ Gina Michele
Sarah Whitney said…
LOVE the color blocked looks!
Lívia Salazar said…
Great post, as always, love the looks, specially the first and second one!
Aquí said…
just love these photos! That office is great!
Wow!!! Great post!!!