The Great Designers: Agent Provocateur

Well actually Agent Provocateur is a provocative lingerie brand and the people behind it are Serena Rees and Joseph Corre. They founded the company in 1994 and completely transformed the underwear market with their irresistible, seductive and nostalgic designs, including an entire range of fit-for-a-glamour-goddess lingerie plus accessories, jewelery, lipsmacking leather pieces, shoes and stockings. In 2000 an award-winning perfume made it's debut, closely followed by a wealth of bathroom and bedroom fancies - candies, lotions, balms, etc.

The brand is know for its racy window displays in their stores and an equally welcoming retail website. Their passion is evident in absolutely everything they do. Agent Provocateur is not just another lingerie brand, it is about sexual liberation conducted, of course, in the best possible taste.

Serena and Joseph's signature is the introduction of color and fashion fabrics into lingerie. They're not just making collections twice a year, they are constantly changing and offering new styles. They lead where others follow. The talented designers say that they love all of their collections and never put in something they don't personally believe in, and their ultimate goal is continue working in a such honest way. 

Describing their work  as hard and sexy, Serena and Joseph say that what inspires them most of all is a great arse and that's exactly what they have in mind when they're working - a bunch of sexy-ass girls. Maybe what makes their designs so great is that they have both the male and the female point of view or maybe it's their constant quest for excellence in one's technique

How do you think the creators of one of the greatest and most successful lingerie brands describe beauty? To them it's a fantastic mind. A brilliant smile. And, of course, a great arse. What more can you ask for? The couple's philosophy is to only sell what they love and not blab about about who wears it. 

The most important lesson to them, and we should all learn it as well, is that it's okay to make mistakes, but you shouldn't make the same mistake twice.

" Girls, girls, girls: sex kittens, sex bombs, seductresses, naughty girls, secretaries, schoolgirls and Kate Moss"
~ Serena Rees & Joseph Core


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ChiccaStyle said…
His collections are always so sexy!!!
Natasha A. said…
Love this brand!! Amazing and really sexy!
I am Folklore said…
Hot Kate Moss, nothing goes wrong with her, well I did have a glanze on her latest and less flattering beach photo but I blame all that on bright sunshine and a paparazzi..who wouldn't look a bit sweaty and worn out on a long day at the beach? Thanks for stopping by, you have a pretty blog! xx V
Cylia said…
ohh waow kate moss looks stunning! thanks for your feedback on my story:) I'm glad you share the messy room with me! haha;) have great week girl.
wow! i have to go more to the gym! lol

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Love it, so sexy!

xo thefashionguitar
LoveE ♥ said…
I love him! He makes the sexiest lingerie ever! Not that I would wear it now, but this will definitely be my to-go when I'm older!

LOVE your blog! SO following right now! Follow me if you'd like? :)
Miss Viki said…
it's a pity that they do not have a male underwear collection too ;)
By Sara Romero said…
i really like the last photograph. lingerie always makes me think of the 60's and betty page style of women. about your outfit posts from your previous post, i say yes and yes to more and more often :)

michelle_ said…

glisters and blisters
I loooove their brand! They have the best commercials and such pretty stuff! :D
Beautiful selection of photos - just like Agent Provocateur! All their stuff is GORGEOUS!! Kate Moss though? Isn't she a bit too thin to be an AP poster girl? Girls with curves are sexy!

Laura @
The Cat Hag said…
Amazing post, thanks for sharing.

I have always loved their collections, but they are pretty pricey. :)

The Cat Hag
Anonymous said…
So sexy yet super classy! Cheap loungerie can look so trashy, Agent P. on the contraire is so feminine!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries
Sunny & Star said…
Kate Moss always seems to do amazing fashion spreads. This lingerie looks very sexy.
Alexandra said…
loveeeeeeeely ,just lovely ! Style isn't just about what you wear,but it's also about how you feel , and we all know that a pair of extremely hot knickers can throw you high in the sky !

alexandra @
Pop Champagne said…
his collections are always soo sexy, and those ads! 10 times sexier than vic secret haha
Anonymous said…
Great blog!
good style!
pau said…
I really love lingerie! sexy lingerie
They have such luxurious things and Kate Moss looks amazing in the photos!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
John Muleba said…
agent provocatuer mmmm never fails to excite moi . lovely blog by the way. you officially have yourself a new follower :)