Fashion Communication: Fashion Shows

The a Fashion is... Friday again and this time it's devoted to the exciting and spectacular fashion shows. They are now an integral part of the fashion industry and give fashion labels an undiluted opportunities to convey it's design identity and vision for the coming season, or in other words, it gives fashion labels the opportunity impress us.

In the humble beginnings the productions were low-cost, but now fashion shows have evolved to spectacles, they have become more like movie sets, and the production teams are nearly as big. Think of McQueen's controversial and unexpected shows and you'll know what I mean. Disused railway stations, hospital wards, airplane hangars, unfinished buildings, lavish banqueting halls - each of these can be transformed into a theater of artistic dreams, fantasies, and daring sensationalism, a heaven for fashion lovers.

All of this helps to drill the core design statement through to the press, buyers, trend scouts, and those who disseminate the look into mainstream fashion. However, this level of luxurious fashion productions is reserved for the haute couture, ready-to-wear industry and for independent labels the receive financial backing via commercial sponsorship.
Sometimes in shopping malls, boutiques and department stores take place smaller scale fashion shows. They are less formal and spectacular but have the very same purpose - to help reaffirm costumers what and how to wear and show the latest look and trends, including accessories, make up, colors and fabrics.

Fashion shows are a glamorous part of the industry. There's no fashion lover that doesn't look forward to FW, where not just the models look amazing. With the evolving influence of street fashion photographers and fashion bloggers everybody's trying to look the best way possible and stand out in the crowd and this is more than spectacular.
Here are some of my favorite spectacles:

Chanel Fall/Winter 2011/12 RTW
D&G S/S 2011

What are your favorites? Do you love fashion shows as much as I do? :)



Pau Villafuerte said…
My gosh. The clothes themselves are already enough to want to go to a fashion show, but the grandiose preparation just makes it a huge treat for fashion spectators!

Oh and hey, wanted to let you know that I gave you an award in my blog. :)

<3 Paulyn from
Kassandra said…
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El said…
I love fashion shows!!! One day I hope to see it in real :)


Cylia said…
it gets crazier every year!:) I love how creativity shows in shows during fashion week.. amazing pictures you put up:)
gorgeous shows! i have never been to a fashion show!

<3 steffy
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LA said…
The show sometimes is more important even than the clothes, these ilustrations are awesome!

Krissi said…
Great post!

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PS: Your blog design is great
Paola said…
answer:thank you so much for your comment!!
ChiccaStyle said…
Fashion shows are always so glamourous and ther is an unbelievable energy!!!Everything seems so perfect...just a magic world!
Aquí said…
these are amazing! I love what you've written :)
Brittany Ann said…
I've never been to a fashion show, but loved what I say of the D&G show! xo
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I allways follow back!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Anonymous said…
holy moly! amazing! не, наистина много е интересно!
Sunny & Star said…
Amazing post. Those pictures are unbelievable.

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Pop Champagne said…
those pictures are cool, they're awesome compare to the fashion shows here. sigh, one day I wish to see them!
Mariloé said…
I love fashion shows and watch the videos very often!!!
By Sara Romero said…
i really enjoy seeing how fashion has become an art form. its so inspiring!
Michelle Lee said…
amazing :) i love chanel and D&G all the time
Lívia Salazar said…
great post, love the pics!
fhenny said…
lovely post! besides seeing the latest collection, i like to see the designer's presentation of stage runway design lighting, effect, and music

So crazy and creative so worth watching.

Write it in Lipstick

i'm your newest follower hope you can stop by
Those are definitely some glamourous shows and I love how different one Chanel show can be from another.

Have a lovely weekend dear!

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Veronica said…
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This is really stunning to see :D i love it and i really like your blog
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GretchTM said…
These pictures are super cool!!

Fashion never ceases to amaze! I'm impressed by fashions that speak character, expression and volume. Have a great weekend!
LOIS said…
love the post :)
Love Lois xxx
oooh everything looks so artistic and avante-garde! love your blog banner by the way---audrey hepburn is a timeless style icon! =)
pau said…
you always have really cool posts!!
Sam said…
As a fashion designer myself, it is really amazing how months of hard work can all be summed up in about 15-20 minutes. Great post!
jamie said…
ive never been to a fashion show, ive only seen them online but i get really really excited :)
feH said…
Wow, they look really amazing! :)
dotie said…
love fashion shows..I find that there is more to it than just showcasing clothes, there's drama and fantasy..things that we can't live without :)

eclectic du jour
Boheme Noir said…
My ALL TIME fave show is McQueen`s "Widows of Culloden", Fall 2006
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