Fashion as Big Business

Happy Friday! 

Today I am starting a new short series of posts devoted to the multimillion-dollar global business of fashion. From the unassuming local market stalls selling the basics, bustling malls with designer boutiques and department stores providing extravagant and self-indulgent brands, to shopping via internet, everyone takes part! The market is highly competitive and the intelligent branding and market positioning helps to pinpoint customers, attract their attention and make them want to buy the latest looks.

The widely used term " fashion business"   includes many different industries. Roughly the infrastructure can be broken down into the sectors of design, manufacturing, marketing, branding, distribution, and retail. There are still many subsidiary industries that link together to form the global fashion chain. For example, within the manufacturing there are textile mills producing fabrics and factories making buttons, zips, buckles, etc.

In today's fiercely competitive market and global business environment connections and technology are of great importance. The simple basic T-shirt you bought from your local store probably started its journey thousands miles away with the cotton grown in the fields of India or maybe Bangladesh, which was woven into a fabric, which then went to a manufacturer. He cut, made, and trimmed the fabric into a garment according to the design specification sheets, which were probably sent by e-mail from a studio somewhere in the West. 
It is connections like this within the infrastructure of fashion the link and hold the industry we love together.

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So true, there are so many parts in the supply chain!

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La Mode En Rose said…
a difficult world to get in! but fabulous! i would love to work in something related to fashion

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great post. very insightful. well done.
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Love LuLu said…
Keep Calm and Shop On!
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Interesting post! I love the photo of Blair Waldorf!!


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ChiccaStyle said…
Dear Plami, your posts are always so interesting!!!Are you becomimg a journalist? You must do it because your way of writing is so good!!!
Happy Easter sweety!!!
It-Blogirls said…
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Angel Garcia said…
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chellemorgan said…
That is one of my favourite pictures/quotes. Love it! And love the idea for the series of posts. I'm excited to keep reading!

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