April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I am almost sure most of you. if not all, have already seen pictures and videos of the royal wedding but I just cannot help my self. Everything was so beautiful I just couldn't take my eyes off the TV and then watched the highlights numerous times! And although the whole world was watching everything was real and personal in the same time! It was like a fairytale!

It was almost impossible to choose which pictures to share so I am sorry for the overload but everything was just so amazing!



If you want to see the highlights of the wedding just go to the Royal Channel on YouTube.

I hope you're having a great weekend.


April 29, 2011

Fashion as Big Business: Luxury brands and Empires. The Beginning.

In 1987 the luxury goods brand Louis Vuitton and the producer of French champagne and cognac Moet merged together and paved the way for the luxury goods market, including the haute couture, to operate in a new and dynamic style. 

The new company was named LVMH and it took only 15 years to become an international luxury powerhouse. The chairman and chief executive, Bernard Arnault, built the world's largest luxury goods empire. LVMH has mercilessly acquired some of the biggest and best-known labels in the fashion and luxury goods sector, including Christian Dior, Givenchy, Celine, Donna Karan, Kenzo, Tag Heuer, Fendi, and Pucci.

The four main elements on which the LVMH business model concentrates are product, distribution, communication and price. Bernard Arnault says: "Our job is to do such a good job on the first three that people forget about the forth - price." For many years, clever branding, advertising, attention to retail ambiance, strategic market positioning, an global expansion in network distribution has made the formula work without fault, yielding consistent profit margins of around 40-45% for LVMH's star company, Louis Vuitton. 

Prior to 1994, only a handful of luxury goods companies were listed: Tiffany, Waterford Wedgwood, Hermes, and Vendome. By the mid- to late 1990s, three names - Richemont, the Gucci group, and LVMH - represented the new global map of luxury fashion. These newly formed conglomerates had a huge financial might and acquired brands that gave them a greater share of the market in haute couture, ready-to-wear, luxury goods, and beauty products. Gucci, once associated with 1970s styles and glamor, bought Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta. Meanwhile, Richemont, predominantly a jewelry retailer acquired Cartier, Chloè, Dunhill, Montblanc, and Bulgari. During the same period Prada launched a its successful ready-to-wear label and splashed on Jil Sander and Helmut Lang. 

The designers who came with the fashion houses were considered an important part of the package and were tasked to reinvent and transform the brands. For example, first LVMH had John Galliano at Givenchy and in 1997 transferred him to Dior. Designers of the caliber of Galliano, Tom Ford and Stella McCartney not only attracted media attention but became directly associated and representative of the brand identity, intensifying the fashionable "must-have" image of the goods. 

It's Friday! Enjoy it!

P.S.  Are you watching the royal wedding?


April 28, 2011

The Wardrobe: Shirt-Dress

This morning I am completely speechless, maybe because I am still really sleepy and the weather outside is rainy... and you know there's nothing better to do on a rainy day than just sleep in you warm bed. Unfortunately I have lots to do so I have to hurry up and figure out a proper outfit for a rainy and chilly day. Anyways, here's an outfit I wore on a better day when it was sunny and I spend ours just waking around enjoying the Spring. 

I love shirt-dresses, they are so easy and look great. This one is BattiBaleno and it goes perfectly with my lovely H&M ballerinas. You've seen my favorite Parfois scarf and bracelet several times already... and probably you will keep on seeing them as I adore them. And lastly the floral bag... Guess what! My mom made it! Isn't it great? I think it is!

Have a great sunny day!

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April 27, 2011

The Great Designers: Frida Giannini for Gucci

Lets talk class and elegance today. What are they to you? One of the synonyms to both of these words is definitely Gucci. Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence, the company had been a traditional family-run Italian business until Guccio's grandson Maurizio sold his final share of the brand in 1993. It was the founder who intertwined his initials to create the iconic logo.

From the mid 90's to 2004 Tom Ford was in charge and established the luxurious and elegant image of the brand. After he exited Gucci and its parent company  the Gucci Group new management filled his position. John Ray, for menswear, Frida Giannini for accessories and Alessandra Facchinetti for womenswear. Since the last departed the company in 2005 Frida Giannini is also responsible for womenswear collections. 

She's the one who pushed Gucci, one the most recognizable status labels of the late 20th century, into a new era. She's responsible for the brand's high-profile accessories and womenswear collections, which have become synonymous with figure-hugging pencil skirts, glamorous sportswear and vixen-ish eveningwear.

Frida Giannini herself describes her work as a great research, necessary adaptation, fabulous team work, very hard work, reflection, and attention to what is happening in the world. All of this definitely leads to great, breathtaking results. The talented designer believes that often fashion can reflect the sociological mood of the moment. She has many different goals but believes that the most important of all is to live in harmony with herself and with others. 

Inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who to her is the ultimate in elegance, Giannini thinks of a mood, a way of living, of a certain needs for women and men, while working. Her aim is to possibly link the history of the Gucci brand and its iconic pieces with contemporary design and style. She says that the greatest influence to her career has been her passion, her family, her drive, and the world of vintage.

The most important lesson this inspiring Italian woman has ever learned trough her experience is how to be a good leader, how important communicating, expressing, and listening is within the teams. She's not afraid to say the final "yes"or the final "no." And these are the two hardest words in the world. We should all learn from her bravery. 

" Beauty is very subjective and personal, and I believe that when something gives pleasure to your eyes and to your soul... well, that's beautiful."   ~ Frida Giannini

Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection:




To see the complete collection click here.
And If you are interested in the latest and very beautiful Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection it is here.
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Have a great day! An outfit post will be up tomorrow so stay tuned.


April 26, 2011

The Wardrobe: Flowers in Spring

It's time to share with you another outfit! :) The Sneak Peak in my Wardrobe posts are the ones I'm most excited about because they are the most personal ones! I love your feedback! It's always inspiring and constructive! Thank you all for reading my blog! 

Here's what I wore yesterday to go shopping. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and I bought the perfect fabric for a new skirt you're going to see as soon as it's ready!

Just when I was wandering what wear my talented mom gave me this lovely floral blouse she made herself! Isn't it perfect?! I love it so much! I hope you do too because you're going to see it pretty often from now on. You've already seen the black Mango jeans. Sorry to feature them so often but I was in such a hurry because I overslept... and as you already know they are almost always part of my I-am-so-late outfit. I bought these adorable white ballerinas over the weekend and white I like most about them are the little bows. They're Italian but I have no idea what the brand is. The bag is from Holland but once again I don't remember the brand. I got it because it's white and big enough to carry around everything I want. You've seen the shades. H&M as you might know. I needed some color in the outfit so I added the flowers and my new feather earrings. The turquoise flower is from H&M and the yellow one was made by me and my mom ... out from a home decoration. Crafty, huh? :)))

So, do you like my mom's designs? 

Have a great day and stay tuned for tomorrow's designer spotlight!

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April 25, 2011

Inspirational Quote: Life's an adventure

Happy Monday and Happy Easter! Is there a better way to start the week than with such a lovely holiday? Today I decided to share one of my favorite Paulo Coelho quotes with you, it's from the book "11 minutes" and I believe very wise.

“I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure.  It’s all a question of how I view my life.” 
~ Maria

Sometimes things don't go exactly the way we want them too. Sometimes life isn't exactly a fairytale. And absolutely always we have to fight for what we really desire. Dreams are hard to achieve. But being a victim is a choice! So stop being one! Learn to see every failure as a life lesson and every obstacle as an opportunity! It's all about the point of view! Be an adventurer not a victim!


April 24, 2011

Royal Wedding Desses

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all having lovely long weekend just like me. Currently I am sitting on my balcony in the sun having a morning coffee and I stumbled upon this beautiful video featuring royal wedding dresses dating back to 1816. I really think it's a great way to start the day so instead of a Sunday shoot I am going to share with you this video. Enjoy!

Now I see why little girls all dream about becoming princesses! :))) 

What did you think? Which dress do you like most? Did you prefer to see a shoot instead of the video ?

P.S. I didn't want to join the madness revolving around the royal wedding but these dresses hypnotized me! The same effect had a story I read in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar about Princess Diana's wedding  told by one of her bridesmaids! It all seems like a beautiful fairytale! Just too good to be truth!

Have a lovely and happy Easter!


April 23, 2011

The Wardrobe: Sofia Blogger Society Meet up

YES! We met up again and it was fabulous. This time we were 5 this time and we had so much fun again! Can't wait to see everyone again... next week :) Of course we took tons of pictures and it's hard to pick which ones to upload. Unfortunately the only boy that was with us had to leave earlier and now I don't have his photo but here's a link to Emo's blog: The Archive of Lost Dreams.

Eli from Mademoiselle E.

 Raya from Eden

Eva from HoneyPancake

And me and my outfit 

I am wearing Agata romper. I don't think the brand exists anymore but it was Bulgarian and very alternative. I haven't worn it for ages an then I saw a similar one in the latest Gucci collection. The jacket and the shades are from H&M and the shoes are Paolo Botticelli.

Have a great weekend!


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