The Wardrobe: Wake up to Spring

Happy  Spring!!! I cannot believe the sun is shining again and I can go outside without a coat! On Tuesday I woke up and the sunbeams were coming trough my windows and I felt like dressing up to celebrate the new happier and more positive season!

The moment I saw this H&M skirt I knew this is what I want to wear! It's so breezy and comfortable and looks really elegant and lovely! The top is from Zara and I absolutely love it! The pin up look, the color... it's one of my favorites. The shoes that go with the top perfectly are H&M again. I am total addict to this brand! Too bad we don't have H&M stores in Bulgaria. As it's not so warm I added the blazer that matches the skirt print. It's from BattiBaleno, another personal favorite. To top off the look I decided to wear this hair band all though it's not really comfortable. I guess it's obvious I really like this outfit... Or maybe it's my new born Spring positivism!

P.S. I haven't started the 30 of 30 challenge yet because I enjoy my Spring clothes too much, but I still intend to do it soon.



ChiccaStyle said…
Stunning outfit!!!You look great and the entire look is lovely! Your shoes are to die for!
Jay Strut said…
Awesome! Great shoes


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[[ ]]
Ooh your shoes are so cute and so springy!
I love the Zara collection too - so 70s cool! Thanks for stopping by dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Claire said…
Those shoes are the kind of shoes I would buy (well, if I were rich) just to put on display. They're so pretty!
Rebecca said…
cute! :)
GretchTM said…
Lovely outfit! I'm so glad the weather is changing as well. No more coats!
Miss Viki said…
checked out your blog, love your qutoes :) btw what is the 30 of 30 challange?
Corrie said…
Oooh, I love that skirt! I can't wait for spring either, I'm dying to wear some of the new stuff I picked up once it's a bit warmer out!
i love LOVE those pink shoes!!

<3 steffy
diana kang said…
super cute! love how you styled this xx
Sarah Klassen said…
Great look—great shoes!
Dolce Gabannka said…
Is raining in Poland :( Nice shoes lady :)
Michelle Lee said…
love the outfit
im now your follower
will you follow me back please? :)
sayablack said…
Wow, I adore your shoes!!
Pretty outfit<3

Marissa said…
You certainly look springy! That skirt is wonderful - just puts a smile on my face. :)
audelia said…
you have amazing style xo
Veronica said…
Beautiful post!
I like your blog :)

Follow me if you like :)
Anonymous said…
lovely shoes!!
Love LuLu said…
Those shoes are fantastic!
Anna Bonfiglio said…
I love this!
I made a new post on my blog.. I attend your comment! :)

veeery cute look!! so girly!!

liek the shoes!