Shoot of the week: Anais Pouliot by Emma Tempest

Time for the shoot of the week. It was really tough for me to pick one this week, but this is it. Play misty for me. The brilliant photographer Emma Tempest and the irresistible Anais Pouliot unite for this beautiful shoot during bath time. It reminds me of the pin-ups. A true manifest of beauty. Can you say now? Just play misty for her.

Here's one more picture. Same model. Same photographer. Pure Beauty.

The images were taken from the gorgeous Fashion Gone Rogue.

Here are links to other editorials I loved this week:
Have a great lazy Sunday and wait for the inspiring Monday quote tomorrow!!!



I really like your blog
and love the pictures.
may you visit mine?
Sushi said…
Gorgeous shoot! I really like the pic with the heart drawn on the mirror x Sushi
alisha said…
This is such a sexy glamorous shoot. Love it.