Inspirational Quote: Coco Chanel. Part II

Hello Monday! A new week starts today and everyone needs a little inspiration to kick it off the right way. I will share a Coco Chanel quote again. Maybe you've noticed I love her quotes and of course her work. She's an icon and a real inspiration, a strong woman that had nothing and achieved more than anyone could ever imagine! She believed in her dreams and followed her instincts and lets be honest... made a true revolution in fashion! So taking all of this into consideration it's good to "listen" to her wisdom ... at least from time to time. 

" There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time."   ~ CoCo Chanel

Find a work you love to do, that drives you forward, that inspires you to be a better you every single day and do it the best way possible. Make yourself and the people you love proud! Appreciate and love the people that make you happy! Love them with all your heart and let them know how you feel. Because in the end of the day, after a job well done, who do you go home to? 

Go out and find a job you love, then find people who love you for who you are, and you will have it all. It is possible. And you can achieve it, so better smile and start today!

Have a great and successful week!



Jay Strut said…
I pray to her every night before i go to sleep haha!
The wisest of the wise :>


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Grace said…
So true! Xxx : )
ChiccaStyle said…
I've written these words in my mind!!!Thanks for all your positive posts!!!
P! said…
Love chanel!!!
You have a cute blog!!

xoxo from Spain!
Alexandra said…
if this is it,then I have reached true happiness !

alexandra @
P! said…
Thanks for your lovely comments!!

I follow u!!
Annabelle Fleur said…
Coco Chanel, such a wise woman! Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet words!

chellemorgan said…
Love Coco Chanel, she is the epitome of style and class!

Xo Chelle
Becky-May said…
I love chanel, coco was such an inspiration!

The Flower Girl
cuteredbow said…
Really nice blog !
Cylia said…
hey girl:) some great inspiration;) always good to be motivated in the beginning of the week! lots of things to do.. so little time.. ;) have a good week!
Kat said…
chanel for the win! :)
Meisha.Style said…
inspired! i really want to find a work i love to do!

great blog!
Grande Jewelry said…
Love Channel!!!!

I am following your blog now =), hope u can follow me back!!!
Snow Black said…
Thanks for sharing this wonderful quote ;)
Julie Khuu said…
Awwww great post, what great inspiration to get Mondays started right :D I's all about the balance, all about building relationships...well said!


Haute Khuuture Blog
She is so right - especially in today's day and age! xo style, she wrote
Joanna K. said…
love your blog!following you!!
pls check out mime I'd love your opinion!

Britt+Whit said…
ahh I love this! What a great quote-especially on a Monday! I love your site! You can never go wrong with Chanel.

love from San Francisco,

GretchTM said…
What a beautiful post! I'm glad to be surrounded by my loved ones.
Cat said…
Coco was such a genius! There are so many of her quotes that I have read and then instantly started to nod my head in excited agreement :)
Renee B. said…
Great post, great quote! Love it!
Leigh said…
love chanel, love this quote! amazing post :)
I ♥ these little things from Chanel!