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Last Friday I started a series of posts concerning fashion communication as it is a big and very important part of the industry. In the end of every month I get really, really excited and I am sure all fashion lovers like me would understand why... it's the time when all the fashion magazines release their new issues. I love it! The smell of a new magazine, the glossy cover... There's nothing better than a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the latest issue of my favorite mag! Don't you agree?

Magazines are an integral part of the fashion industry, helping to publicize trends, sell beauty and fashion products, and promote designers and labels. It is the one part of the industry where the designer has little to say - the editor is the one who rules! Impressing the right editors and having a good coverage may mean an overnight success and bring recognition to unknown designers. Sound amazing, right?! But this works the other way around as well - the lаck of coverage normally leads to a premature downfall. It happens if a collection fails to impress. In short, the success of a collection is dependent on the magazine coverage. In a way the editors of the fashion magazines rule the industry. 
You all know which the torchbearers are. While some magazines have come and go Vogue (a.k.a. the Bible of fashion) and Harper's Bazaar have remained in prominence no matter what. Vogue started business in 1892 (unbelievable isn't it?) and it remained in the forefront of fashion press ever since. Every person, no matter is he or isn't he interested in fashion has heard this respected name. 

Later on, in the 1980's and 90's were launched British magazines such as Dazed and Confused, The Face, i-D. Their target audience was the people that are concerned with street style and popular culture. These magazines have an urban, underground and gritty quality and took a distinct style of fashion journalism. Offering a hybrid of music, film, dance, politics, and fashion, they provide a raw footage in contrast to the glossy spreads of mainstream titles. 

In recent years appeared a third type of magazines as well. Fashion weeklies, such as Grazia, provide the public with glossy fashion coverage and hot celebrity gossip, plus the loved concept of how-to-get-a-designer-look-for-less. Clearly a recipe to success. These comparably cheap and intellectually accessible magazines have become really popular. And we all love it! Even you! Admit it... It's a guilty pleasure.

The magazines industry is highly competitive as they depend on commercial advertising revenue to exist. With the downfall of the global economy in the late 2000s these revenues have decreased significantly and magazines find it really hard to survive and stay in business. Moreover, the success of online magazines and websites have has provided a stiff competition and has challenged the existence of the fashion magazine as we know it. 

I cannot imagine the fashion industry without my beloved magazines. I know it is way faster and cheaper to publish or read something on the internet but a magazine has a whole different meaning and significance. How would I start my Sunday mornings?! Nothing can replace the thrill of opening the latest issue

How do you feel about it? Do you think websites are better? Can you imagine a fashion world with now fashion magazines?

Here are the websites of my favorite magazines. Enjoy!

Gia - This is a new Bulgarian online fashion magazine. Both the spreads and the articles are absolutely amazing! Hope you like it! Let me know.

The post next week will be about the exciting to all of us fashion shows! So don't miss it!

Have a great weekend!



pau said…
I love Natalia's cover it's so stunning
Charleston said…
nice article
Denni K. said…
you've written damn good story girl! i really enjoy reading it. do you consider yourself as future editor in magazine? if not - you definitely should!
great post! :)
Kacrates said…
Thanks for doing this post. First time here, but im liking what im seeing.

Finally someone shares the view. I get giddy too at the smell of a new magazine.

It is still a shining beacon and the editors and editor in chief truly does a great job in advance.

I love all these magazines. Nylon is pretty good too. I like the mixture of all thats good in the world. music, fashion, and interviews. YES!
Bonnie said…
Ohhh, Kate Moss.
She is such a legend.
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GretchTM said…
I love the Vogue cover. It's stunning!
potpie du monde said…
Great post! Love your blog & your thoughtful posts!
Zarna said…
these covers are STUNNING!
Bonnie said…
The 30-day blog challenge that I took is something I found on someone's blog. You just answer a bunch of random-ass questions for 30 days. It gives me an excuse to talk about myself, so I like it.
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Stacy said…
love it, so perfect
Sarah Klassen said…
Ahh, Natalia—just stunning! First off, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend... secondly, thank you so so much for the kind comment the other day—so sweet... and thirdly, Also, I am hosting a lovely giveaway right now that you might like :)

Paola said…
I love that magazines!;D
Teresa said…
Great compilation of magazines! Elle is probably my fave.

Zoe de gaia said…
These pictures are beautiful.

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chuck n. said…
gia is an amazing fashion magazine!
TheProbe97 said…
Oh how wonderfull I love the smell and feel of those gorgeous glossy fashion magazines they excite me as I turn those glossy pages and consume the sweet scented pages as I cuddle close.
TheProbe97 said…
Oh yes I love the international editions they are exciting.