Inspirational Quote: Karl Lagerfeld

It's a Monday morning again. I am trying to be happy and optimistic and ignore the snow falling outside my kitchen window. This week's inspiration come from the great Karl Lagerfeld.

It says it all. Do not compare yourself to others. Be yourself because everyone else is already taken. Each person is another universe. Inspiration is all around you! Find it! Use it! Be the best version of yourself you can ever be and act as the person you want to be. Don't compare! Be unique!

Have a great, magical week everyone. Enjoy every moment and take every chance! 



KcomeKarolina said…
so true!!!

xoxo from rome
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Carla Violet said…
Thanks for your comment! I love this post! it's so true! so inspiring =)
keep posting =)
Tony SHT said…
Very inspirational indeed! I totally agree with your Be yourself passage! It's wonderful :)
Imash strahoten blog! :)
Anonymous said…
Yes and yes! ... making things work for you is what fashion is all about! Two great people on same post, love it, wish you a great week!

<3 Cess O.
ChiccaStyle said…
Amazing post!!!Thanks!
thanks for the inspiration!
Kas and Blue said…
Love your quote! I'm definitely using it!!!!!
Nice blog!
Check out ours!

Collections said…
Love this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker, her outfit here is so beautiful.