The Great Designers: Karl Lagerfeld

There's no person interested in fashion who doesn't recognize his signature white pony-tail, fan and sunglasses. No doubt he is one of the greats in fashion. Probably the ultimate and most versatile designer of our times. Prolific and driven by change he's certainly one of the industry's most successful designers. 

Designing is not his only passion. He loves photography and often shoots his own campaigns, along with editorials for numerous magazines. He has a library collection of 230 000 volumes, and his own imprint, 7L. Also his passions for perfumes, art and magazines are legendary. 

From 1963-83 and 1992-97 he designed Chloè, in 1965 he also started working for Fendi, in 1983 was appointed artistic director of Chanel, and one year later his own label was born. Now you see why I admire him so much. He is a legend. He is Karl Lagerfeld.

The designer boldly reinvented the the rich legacy of house codes left by mademoiselle Coco Chanel. Her favorite pearls now appear as little evening bags; tweed is transformed into fluffy leggings and matching berets, a love for the sporty outdoors life is expressed via Chanel-branded snowboards and surfboards. The one other thing Gabrille Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld have in common is relish for the present times and for the future. As Chanel herself once said, "I am neither in the past nor avant-garde. My style follows life."

Karl's signature designs are hidden in every detail that makes instant recognition possible and his favorite pieces are always the ones from the next collection, which is also his ultimate goal. When asked to describe his own work the designer quoted Voltaire's line: Everything that needs an explanation is not worth it. 

This remarkable man is inspired by everything. He says there should be only one rule: eyes wide open. When designing he has in mind several women, never and always the same, women who change with the times and are interested in what is going on - not only in fashion. The greatest influence to his career are all the events he has gone trough, the changes in the times. Lagerfeld aims to the future so much that he doesn't find it necessary to think about what makes the past what it became.

His definition of beauty is again a quote, this time by Marlow: there is no beauty without some strangeness in the proportions. If you are curious what's the life philosophy of  this successful and legendary designer, I should tell you it's really simple: Every decision (also in fashion) is a refusal (Spinoza). 

When asked what's the most important lesson he has ever learned he said something we should all remember: You can only learn what not to do - there are no lessons what to do...

"I love fashion, the evolution of time, and fashion is the reflection of it." ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring 2011 Couture collection:


To see the complete collection click here.
And If you are interested in the latest Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection it is here.

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dotie said…
Karl definitely made his mark in fashion history...That man is brilliant!

eclectic du jour
Devil_kin said…
Харесвам много тази колекция,и особено дългитя широки поли.Лагерфелд е страхотен дизайнер,не винаги съм съгласна с някой изказвания,но когато видиш толкова класни дрехи,може да му се прости.
Pau Villafuerte said…
I'm not as well versed as the girls here are about fashion but I definitely do recognize him and his designs! He stands out indeed, both him and his designs.

Thank you for the lovely reply :) still waiting for you to follow back, thank you!

Anonymous said…
без съмнение е световен талант. :) няма негова колекция, която да не съм харесала.
The collection is amazing!

xo thefashionguitar
Design Elements said…
haresvam Lagerfeld! some things are born they cannot be learned...
Parisienne said…
Karl is an fashion icon!
his creations are unique and time less chic!
Great post!!!
(Thank you for stopping... i am now following you via google...glad if you will want to follow me back!)
Lots of Love...
This spring collection is really beuatiful. Thank you for the comment and the advice, I will try :) I like your blog, really amazing with beutiful photos - I´m your follower ;)
Inge said…
the thing I admire the most about KL is his passion for books. He gets the same book 3 times: once to make notes, the second copy to read just like that and the third for his collection of books,..his library.
ChiccaStyle said…
This collection is amazing!!!I would wear every single item, so chic!Actually, I guess Karl Lagerfeld is the best designer (and photographer) of the world!!!
Anonymous said…
Karl is such an icon! Collection is amazing love the color palette, if money was no object I'd love those sequined leggings!

<3 Cess O.
The Outfit Diaries
Marissa said…
i may not agree with all of his personal philosophies, but i do appreciate his design aesthetic.

Girl Meets Bag
Mariloé said…
that collection is so romantic!
Gregory said…
I absolutely love his work, I mean just look at the dress on the top left... absolutely gorgeous!!
Gregory said…
I absolutely love his work, I mean just look at the dress on the top left... absolutely gorgeous!!
Tony SHT said…
He is a legend indeed! Един от гениите на съвременната мода! Колекцията наистина е страхотна, нежна и сенситивна :)
Sam said…
Love Karl! He has truly kept the essence and style of Chanel. He is a living legend!
De Vero said…
Greta post! He is one of the Gods of fashion!
Vicky said…
Wonderful pieces!!!

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Grande Jewelry said…
Lovely fall collection. I love it.

I am following your blog! Hope u can follow me back =)
fashionpart said…
Wonderful colection
Pop Champagne said…
oh I loev his collection! it's so soft and feminie!
I love this collection! More lovely and beautiful ladies wearing fabulous gowns..
Amira said…
Adore this collection! Great blog! Follow you) follow me?
Love Karl! He is a wonderful designer. I hope he never retires! x o style, she wrote
He has had a phenomenal impact on Chanel and he's not done yet!
P.S. I love the snake and skull accessories too!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Oh hy much I lve his designs!! <3

and i love your pinky pink blog! :D :D
u got urself a new follower! :)

keep up,
Gorgeous runway pics, and such an inspirational man!

XOXO Kelsey
Savannah said…
He is such a genius! One of my favorites for sure!
Great Post, this show was really just unbelievable. If you have time, stop by my blog xoxo
Samantha S. said…
Chanel , Chanel , Chanel .. really nothing to say about this BIG and amazing brand :)
Tereza Anton said…
Hello! Beautiful blog, lovely style.
I love this collection so much, especially the pants.
Would you like to follow each other?

Thank you and I wish a beautiful weekend.
that collection was amazing, as always!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
he keeps the same style and aesthethics and still he manages to amaze us with new and fresh looks on the runway.. this collection is just marvelous.. cool post..