The Great Designers: Giambattista Valli

He defines his designs with only one word - eclectic. And how else? His favorite pieces are dresses that are comfortable as T-shirts but glamorous enough for the red carper. Dresses you can wear over and over again, season after season, no matter what the newest trends are. Can a woman ask for more? 

A designer inspired by the art and the opposites. When working he puts together different fragments with the aim to create an ageless image. And he definitely does it well! While designing Giambattista Valli has in mind different people and the emotions they gave him. Little things such as the way a woman holds her cigarette might provoke him to create a masterpiece. 

He's fascinated  by the hidden beauty, not obvious, unconscious. I'd say beauty is very, very real and obvious in his work. A man in a constant search for himself who's ultimate goal is to interpret 100% of his personality in his own work. 

The eclecticism in his designs is the result of growing up in Rome where Roman, Renaissance, Baroque and Fascist styles create an amazing harmonious mixture that lives in the clothes he makes. Mr. Valli likes to be surprised that's why he's always open to the unexpected in life, always looking for new inspirations. Maybe we should all learn from him. Inspiration is everywhere, beauty is hidden all around us, waiting to be found.

"  I cannot live without design. I am design - addicted."
~ Giambattista Valli 





Meekay said…
pau said…
omg his designs are amazing!!
Emilia said…
never heard of him before, but love his looks!
Julie Khuu said…
Omigosh every design is to die for! Totally reminds of European dressmaking...I just did a fabulous post on it today! Check it out and tell me it's not super similar in style and detail! Great find, thanks for sharing!


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Corinne Monique said…
I love Valli!!!!! These spotlight on the designer posts are amazing! I can't even choose a fav dress - I love them all too much ;)

Corinne xo
Toyin Lola said…
Love his idea
Boheme Noir said…
Valli is a fantastic designer, indeed! I love all the red pieces pictured.
Anonymous said…
i love his designs! he's very talented and has aunique style.
Anonymous said…
i love his designs! he's very talented and has unique style.
LizAnn said…
Wow what a stunning collection! The volume, detailing, and colors in these dresses are amazing! Great inspiration! :)

VPV Intern