The Great Designers: Dolce & Gabbana

 These two Italians are the fashion answer to Viagra: the full throbbing force of Italian style. They met for the first time in Sicily and this is what provided a reference for their aesthetic signatures ever since: the traditional Sicilian girl (opaque black stockings, black lace, peasant skirts, shawl fringing), the Latin sex temptress (corsetry, high heels, underwear as outwear), and the Sicilian gangster (pinstripe suits, slick tailoring, fedoras). Yes, this is what makes Dolce & Gabbana so different and exciting. Their ability to create something breathtakingly beautiful by combining these complete opposites - masculine/feminine, soft/hard, and innocence/corruption. 

That is where their continuous inspiration comes from - the contrasts, opposites that attract each other like magnets, the music and the cinema, especially the black and white movies. These two genius designers are inspired by anything and everything - by the everyday life, by the world and by the people around them, by the Mediterranean and Sicily. 

When designing they  have in mind many different things that led them to achieve a specific outfit. To these two artists the sketch is the end of an elaborate process because it is the result of many conversations, thoughts, notes and experiences they  have put together.

To both of them fashion is a way to express their creativity, to experiment, to reflect their personal feelings. Dolce & Gabbana believe that they have the most beautiful job in the world and they love it. It is who they are, their passion and their life. For them designing clothes is a continuous challenge and their ultimate goal when it comes to work is to create a signature style that will be remembered and will remain throughout the years.

Their muse is Madonna because of her strong personality. This said it doesn't come as a surprise that their philosophy in life is to always be themselves and to be consistent, not to betray their personality or loose their identity.

"  We are both creative, both in a different way. We complete each other."     ~ Dolce & Gabbana

Here are my favorite pieces of the RTW spring 2011 collection:




 To see the complete collection full of florals click here.



Sick by Trend said…
yes! they are fantastic. The last collection for men in both labels Dolce&Gabbana & D&G are awesome!

* said…
Dolce and Gabbana are the definition of Italian chic high fashion - LOVE them!

stop by!
MJonas_ said…
thanks you for your comment!!:)
your blog is so cute!:)
if you want you'll be my follower!
Love the florals.

Devil_kin said…
Много женственост,нежност и романтика.
Nnenna said…
I adore all the pretty florals in this collection! :)

star-crossed smile
Karoline Kalvø said…
Gorgeous collection. I really like the use of flower print. Love your blog.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
Karoline Kalvo
featherfactor said…
I adore Dolce and the floral collection you posted! They come up with some of my favorite items season after season.

Thank you for your kind comments :) I followed you, if you like pls do the same <3
Anonymous said…
This is a perfect way to start spring! lovely post :)
Becky-May said…
I love the amazing floral prints! So lovely :)

The Flower Girl
what a gorgeous collection i love the floral dresses!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
I love this collection too. It's so fun and girlie!
- Marie
GretchTM said…
This collection is beautiful!
diana kang said…
obsessed with these floral prints! xx
Blunettes said…
I adore the spring collection, love the florals and the colors! :)
Kockandy said…
You're awesome blog, I'm your new follower :)
Wida said…
I want it all so bad!! ;(

Missing Amsie Blog
Anonymous said…
страхотни рокли... толкова пролетни, нежни..!
Anonymous said…
love flowers on the clothes :)

Sarah Klassen said…
So many pretty pieces here! They make me long for Spring days ahead... they look effortless and so so chic. Thank you for sharing them, and also, for the lovely comment that you left me the other day.

Can you believe that the weekend is nearly here? :)
Collections said…
Love these floral pieces.
Sooo victorian! Love the florals! I'm on your follower list..come and see me at
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