Fashion is Art. Art is Fashion.

Art and fashion have a long-term close relationship. Nowadays it's hard to differentiate and separate them. There's art in the fashion and fashion in the art, they blur together making our world so fascinating and beautiful that sometimes it's hard to bear. Have you ever had the feeling your heart is about to explode when looking at a beautiful designer masterpiece. I definitely have. That's the effect of the art and fashion relationship. 

It took years for this perfect relationship to be build. In the beginning it was only one-way traffic. Artists used fashion in their paintings in order to depict society. And then the Renaissance began and fashion started playing a stronger role as a medium. Great artists such as Antonio Pisanello not only used fashion in their paintings, but also actively designed stunning textiles and perfect embroideries. This is how the lines between art and fashion started blurring beautifully. 

And today we can proudly say there are no lines between them. Fashion is art. Art is fashion. They are mixed together making us sight admiring the gorgeous dresses great designers such as Alber Elbaz, Valentino and John Galliano create. Designers and artists flirt closer than ever with the notion that fashion is about much more than just dress and appearance. 

The understanding of art and its characteristics has allowed designers to bravely explore and portray highly charged moments of emotion, sexuality, gender, politics, modernism, and romanticism, and convey a message to the entire world via their breathtaking creations

Think of Alexander McQueen's controversial runways, think of YSL's Le Smoking, think of the great Coco Chanel. They all had something to tell us. And they did it in a perfect, spectacular way.  

Fashion is breaking all the boundaries. Wearers are now walking canvases, clothes are now statements. 

"  One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."
~ Oscar Wilde



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Love this post and totally agree that fashion is art!!!
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nesha said…
this is a very informative post, one with wonderful words.... i think the collision of fashion and art has benefitted everyone. fashion will never be boring.
michelle_ said…
this is an awesome post !
that mcqueen collection is legendary !
helena said…
It looks like a fairytale
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fashion is totally art...! I love the pictures you posted. That white dress is amazing!
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jess said…
I truly believe fashion is art. That is one of my favorite McQueen collections.
Corinne Monique said…
I believe fashion is an art form, & these are gorgeous examples!!

Corinne xo
Francesca said…
Love the last quote :) You have a great blog!
Reg Rodriguez said…
very well said! fashion is art! :)

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beautiful photos - i love this post

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couldnt agree more! i think its really refreshing.

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Tony SHT said…
Хубав пост :) Най-накрая някой да повдигне темата за изкуството и модата-наистина са в симбиоза постоянно.
pau said…
I really enjoy looking at Alexander MCQueen designs
Dena said…
Alexander McQueen is the bomb! And fashion is definitely art! <3 xxx!