Fashion Communication: Fashion and Cinema

In the next few Fridays I'll be talking about the different aspects of fashion communication. The reason I'm going to spare several articles for this topic is that fashion is all about communication. It transmits an ideal, an aesthetic, a style, and an attitude to the consumer to buy into. That's why the companies invest millions of dollars in advertising, photo shoots, runway shows, boutique interiors and endorsements to promote and establish their brand identity.

Successful communication requires specialists from different industries, such as photographers, movie producers, magazine editors and stylists, to work in collaboration with fashion brands to create concepts that can influence a generation, change cultural and social attitudes, and create iconic moments and trends.

Fashion and Cinema

Ever since cinema was invented, movies and fashion are closely related. On one hand, fashion provides film makers with an ideal way to communicate character, personality and identity and to suggest a social context. On the other hand, movies are the perfect medium for fashion to be experienced and with the wide range of people they reach films become a very profitable way for the fashion industry to promote it's products.

Probably the most famous partnership between the movie and the fashion industries is the one between Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. It's perfect balance between timeless elegance, style and glamor is the reason Audrey to be considered a  fashion icon of all times. Movies like Sabrina, Funny Face, and of course my favorite Breakfast at Tiffany's influenced millions of women all over the world and set global, iconic trends.

Have you ever wandered how has the simple jeans-and-white-T-shirt look become timeless classic for both men and women? It owns its success to James Dean in his lead role in Rebel without a cause. Moments like this give movies and fashion the authority to influence generations and challenge the social framework.

Recently the relationship between fashion and movies has created a new genre of films. I am not talking about the mainstream movies with a fashion theme such as The Devil Wears Prada. Younger and more avant-garde fashion labels together with video artists are writing, producing, and directing their own arthouse films. Examples include Office Killer by Cundy Sherman, Fashionnashion by Ruben Toledo, Treason - Dress Code by Sergei Pescei and Patricia Canino, Chapels - bernhard Willhelm by Diane Pernet, and The Bridegroom Stripped Bare by the iconic Alexander McQueen. In order to show this work and encourage people to experience the relationship between movies and fashion in a whole new way have been created  exhibitions and festivals.

Here are some movie that really inspired me and influenced my style:

And some TV series of course:

Gossip Girl
Mad Men
Sex and the City
Glee (Emma Pillsbury style is simply adorable)
Desperate Housewives

Can you think of a better way to end the day than a gorgeous and inspiring movie?

Stay tuned for next Friday when I'll be talking (posting) about fashion magazines.

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i love love audrey! thanks for your comment :)

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You have to tel me your secret :)!!!You write always such amazing posts!!!Good job girl!
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great post !
i love sienna miller in d factory girl !

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Abigail said…
i would love to be a costume director! some amazing movies and TV series! thanks for sharing :) xx
Higgenbottom said…
we all love audrey! she's a great style icon. i also like watching old brigette bardot movies for style inspiration.
Sick by Trend said…
I have to confess my love to Devil wears Prada.. it's so fun and beautiful the changes that a person could have during his live in a new area and job. Fashion is something that moves lives and persons and the people who arrive and make fashion their lives is because they born with fashion in their blood and the people who stay behind them take the energy and power of fashion from their friends and after, they love fashion too! Audrey forever! fantastic post!!

jamie-lee said…
Great post - I loved Sex and the City for fashion :)
Becky-May said…
This is a lovely post! All the films you listed have inspired me too and are some of my favourites!

The Flower Girl
cocorosa said…
Great post :) I still have to see SATC 2!!

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Great post!
Denni K. said…
You're totally right. but u can add to the list the series Pretty Little Liars. the girls are dressed up awesome.
Miss Viki said…
wow, so many great movies. looking forward to seeing them again, and paying even more attention to the great outfits. xx Viki
It blog girls said…
Audrey is magnificent!
Agreed! I love your movie choices, especially loved The Tourist & Devil Wears Prada, such amazing styling. xx veronika
pau said…
all those movies are my favorites! excellent post!
I V Y said…

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audrey is my muse!

thanks for your beautiful comments xo
Angela said…
Je veux voir ce film!!!
Angela Donava
Cylia said…
devil wears prada.. always good to watch:)
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Great post! I love your blog~
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hey girl:) thanks for actually reading what I write;) hope you're having a great weekend! you rock!
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owwww thank you so much your comment is lovely it really means a lot to us
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Snow Black said…
I love Breakfast at Tiffanys!
Love your's sooo interesting and cool! I heard about this amazing fashionable movie called I AM LOVE with Tilda Swinton! And Jil Sander did all the costumes!--heard it was a beautiful film, just came out on tv..I think! And did you ever see the movie, The Fifth Element with Milla Jovovich---Jean Paul Gaultier did all the cosutmes and its still AMAZZZZZZZZING!!! HAve a grrreat weekend!
xoAdvice From A Caterpillar Store
Zarna said…
i love the style on gossip girl - very edgy and fashion forward!
chellemorgan said…
Oh, the Devil Wears Prada is definitely one of my faves! Great post, love all these movies :)

Xo Chelle
great post..i love sex and the city!!
Givenchy and Hepburn is one of the most timeless fashion collaborations!

Thanks for stopping by and I love the way you think!
I'd love a classic feminine silhouette skirt with sheer breezy shirt as well!

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I love Factiry Gilr, this is such a wonderful post, dear! I just adore your blog:) Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)

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Many amazing movies!!

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I'm a big fan of movies where fashion plays a big part! :) The perfect movie for me, there doesn't even have to be romance involved :)
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This is really such a well informed and fun post!

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Sex and the city is a huge inspiration for me, i love the clothes, shoes and accessories in the show and movies :)

Xoxo Christine
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This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.