Blake Lively for Chanel

The preview is out and smoking. Blake Lively for Chanel Mademoiselle Handbag. By Karl Lagerfeld himself.


Lately the golden girl has become a fashion icon. And no wonder. She has the looks, and definitely has amazing sense of style. She's beautiful and positive, and there's no big scandal about a rehab or shaved hair revolving around her. 

And somehow she doesn't really look like a Chanel girl to me. I cannot really explain it. It is just the feeling of refined elegance and sophistication the brand name and its products convey.Blake looks like the ultimate party girl and no matter how tasteful she dresses and how lady-like she acts there's just something missing for me to make that connection. For me this amazing actress is more of a Malibu barbie girl than a French Chanel lady.

What do you think about it? Did Mr. Lagerfeld make the right choice, and if not who would you choose?



Anonymous said…
I love her as the new Chanel girl! I wouldn't choose anyone else, she has a unique beauty type!

<3 Cess O.
Puck Litaay said…
She's gorgeous as the chanel girl!
* said…
I don't think Blake's a style icon at all, especially for Chanel. From a commercial point of view, I can see why they would pick her though my choice would have been Diane Kruger or Ashley Olsen.

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Leigh said…
i am not a huge lively fan...i don't love her is just too flashy/revealing for me. i love the bag, but i do think there are more unique icons out there
Stiene S. said…
She look beautiful, Karl Lagerfeld made the right choice! :)
I was so excited when I heard that Blake Lively was the new face of Chanel! I think she fits it well!
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I don't really understand all the fuss about Blake (I do like her though!) but it's a beautiful shot and I'm curious to see more!
J said…
i completeeeeely agree with you. Blake is not the right choice for a brand like Chanel. Something about her face is.. common. Not that there's anything wrong with that. She's very pretty, but Chanel reminds me of old time glamour and sophistication. Great post!
sartorial diary said…
u said it,blake lively is far from being the ideal chanel girl!
she has that whole california girl routine down pat,not really something u associate with parisian chic!
i think carrey mulligan or rooney mara would've been a far better choice!
Ayanna Michelle said…
Well, I happen to like Blake's style. But I happen to be drawn to flashy styles & things of that nature so it makes sense. As far as her being the face of Chanel...I mean I think we're just usesd to seeing more....'different' looking girls. But if that's who he chose, that's who he chose, I don't see the big deal about what she looks like. Maybe he was trying to break the mold. Blake is a fresh face. Great post!

Quench Fab
I like her but I don't see her as a Chanel girl. Maybe they are trying to attract a younger crowd...
- Marie
Devil_kin said…
Струва ми се,че я приемаме повече като Серена от GG,отколкото като Блейк.А Серена не е добър избор за бранд като Шанел.
I agree, although I love Blake Lively she doesn't seem to fit in quite well as a Chanel girl.

alisha said…
Great minds think alike
Erin said…
I definitely agree. I love Blake and she is definitely gorgeous, but she doesn't scream "Chanel!"

x Erin