Galliano suspended from Dior?! Are you serious?! - The Story Continues

There's an update on the story of Galliano's anti-Semitic remarks. Sadly the news are not so good.On Sunday it was announced that the designer was set to meet up with the couple that accused him of using recist insults towards them. The aim of the meeting, organized by the Paris public prosecuter's office, is to find the truth about what really happened on thursday night. It's not clear yet if the case is going to end up in court. So far, so good.

The bad part started today when somehow on the internet emerged a video of Galliano insulting two women sitting on a table at reportedly the same bar - "La Perle." The remarks the designer makes are clearly anti-Semitic and he appears to be really drunk. The video was realeased by the "Sun" this morning. Following the video another complained against John Galliano was filed by an unnamed woman. It is not clear is that one of the women in the video.

It was expected that Dior will announce their desicion on the case and it will become clear to the world is Galliano going to miss his legendary bow in the end of the runway for the first time in the last 15 years.

When asked about her opinion the director of the Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani, said: "Christian Dior withouth John Galliano would be a huge pitty." And I couldn't agree more! 

Here are links to some articles about the whole story:

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I'll keep following the updates and sharing them with you. Hope you find this case just as interesting as I do.