Galliano suspended from Dior?! Are you serious?!

The man behind the success and the 700 million euro annual income of the fashion house Dior was suspended from his position just a few days before the fall/winter 2011/2012 RTW runway. What's the reason? Not even confirmed accusations of anti-Semitic remarks.

The first version of the story was that the genius designer got totally wasted in cafe "La Perle" in Paris and assaulted a random couple by saying: "Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead ... Fucking Asian bastard, I will kill you." Or at least that's what the couple says. As the story goes on, the police comes and takes Galliano to the station. 

There's another point of view and I believe that more. There were some eyewitnesses in the cafe who say that the star designer was drunk but he was in a jolly not aggressive mood and he was just trying to start a conversation with the couple. They didn't recognize him and when he said "cheers" the answer was: “You’re ugly, you’re disgusting, move away from here!” Galliano did not pay attention to this and kept talking with the other people around. At some point he responded to the lady by saying: “You’re ugly and your fucking bag is ugly too” (nothing racist really).  At that moment her boyfriend started threatening the designer with his chair. Galliano's bodyguard tried to quite the situation down but there was nothing more to do. The woman called the police while the designer came down smoking a cigarette. In the end of it all he peacefully went to the police station to give his point of view on the case. Somehow I'm more eager to believe this one. 

The investigation on the incident continues, but whatever the truth is Galliano was suspended from his position in Dior. At least for now. In a telephone interview his lawyer (Stephane Zerbib) says that the designer "formally denies the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him." Galliano "is not at all in this state of mind (and) will explain later," Zerbib said, adding that "legal action will be taken against those making such accusations."

The position of the fashion house? The chairman and chief executive of Christian Dior Couture, Sidney Toledano said: “Christian Dior has an unequivocal zero-tolerance policy regarding anti-Semitism and racism,” adding that John Galliano had been suspended pending the conclusion of a police investigation into the incident. 

No one really knows how is this going to affect the upcoming runway, so we are waiting for an update every minute. Personally my opinion is that the loss for Dior is huge and I really hope Galliano is going to be back where he belongs just in time for the catwalk we've been waiting for.

What do you think on this matter?



Raya said…
Оооо да! Все още съм в шок хаха не вога да повярвам, че това се е случило с Галиано...дано да има добро продължение.
готин блог;)