Fashion is NOT supeficial. It's who you are.

Whether you realize or not fashion and clothing play an important role in our lives. Every day we wake up and we think about what we are going to wear. We base our decision on the image we want to convey, the places we have to visit, and the people we have to meet. The way we dress even when going to the gym is the way we present ourselves to the world. In other words you have to care because clothing and fashion influence your life and the way people perceive you. It’s up to you to choose to take control over that influence making conscious decision how you are going to look like in every situation.

This process of control starts way before the moment you just stand in front of your wardrobe wandering what’s the most appropriate outfit for the day. It starts even before you go shopping and choose what to buy thinking about the color, the cut, the trends etc. In our every day lives we interact with people, we watch television, read magazines and can’t help but notice the passers-by in the street. In other words every single day we are overwhelmed by designer names, trends, styles, shapes, cuts, colors and before we know we begin building our relationship with clothes. And it’s not bad or superficial; it is what helps you make informed decision on your look and control the way people perceive you.

And YES! People make judgments based on you looks. I know what you’re thinking – it’s shallow. But wait a second! Don’t you do it too? Of course you do. It’s the first impression that plays the part, and you cannot help it, because you re just a person living in the 21st century world. That’s the way our world is – fast, judgmental and very, very fashionable. So keep up!



Raya said…
yes I totally agree, the look of a person means so much when you make an impression!:))
Dena said…
Love you writing on this one! <3 xxx!!