Fashion is not practical, but we still adore it

Is there a difference between fashion and clothing? And if there is what exactly is it? These are the forefront questions of the modern culture. I’m not exaggerating. Anthropologists, philosophers, scholars, psychologists, sociologists, theorists and academics are working on these two matters. 

The markets are expanding every hour of every day, just as the variety of offers, which makes it necessary to answer the questions above. In short, clothing can be described as something that covers and protects the body. The practical function takes over the style and the aesthetics. So given that, it becomes clear why the color, fabric and the details rarely change. What matters for the choice of all the features, is the climate, the terrain, the lifestyle and the social and cultural values. In simple terms – everything clothing should be is practical. An example for this type of wear, are the work uniforms, because they have the primary purpose of protection and functionality.
Fashion, on the other hand, is something completely different. And it is what all of us fashion bloggers love. What matters most in fashion is the style and the details, comfort and functionality are not that important. You don’t agree? Think of all the killer heels you love so much, or the lace shirts that you freeze in during the winter but you keep wearing them just because they look so gorgeous… or the stunning corsets in which is hard to breathe… Are these examples enough to convince you?  Moreover, fashion is a constant change. It doesn’t wait for anyone. Materials, cuts, forms, colors keep changing every season while style and beauty reign supreme.

The primary function of fashion is not to cover the beauty of the body or to be functional. What fashion really does is to deliver new trends and possibilities to the capricious costumers.  Don’t think this is superficial, shallow or pretentious. Designers work really hard to find a way to connect to the consumers on and aesthetical and emotional level. Via catwalks, dressing and fashion media can be discussed important matters such as gender, sexuality, identity. 

Fashion inspiration is all around us – in the nature, the history, the politics, the culture, the technology, etc. Alongside the collections, designers work with make-up artists, hairstylists and stylists to be able to present to us the perfect fashion package for the new season. And this is exactly what we get, season after season, pure perfection! 


Storm said…
The both of them are completely different. Fashion is all about yourself, fashion is walking down the street and not giving a shit what anyone says, fashion is wearing six inch Christian Louboutins while making dinner, and clothing is just something you chuck on.
deep_in_vogue said…
Chudesen post, Plami, mnogo dobre kazano!