Wanted: Your Opinion

So... I haven't been posting for a while.... There are many reasons like not enough time... lack of inspiration, etc... And now.... when I am finally back I want to change my blog a little :) So I want to ask all of you: What would be interesting for you to read and follow? What kind of posts are your favorite?  :) I appreciate your comments very very much and I'll take into consideration each one of them :)

Have a gorgeous week everyone!!!!



fashionarmy said…
hey, if i were you i would change the color of the blog cuz in my ipinion is too dark
Louise said…
hey, im sure you will like my blog, why not take a look?


have a good night!

love, louise
Fiamma, thank you for stopping by G&G! I always love to see personal outfit posts or product reviews from other style bloggers.

♥ V
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