Lanvin for H&M

It's official! Lanvin made a collection for H&M! He's one of the many top designers who collaborated with the brand. And of course the result is gorgeous... and we all want to have every single piece filled up with the Parisian sense of style and elegance. And now we can. H&M as we all know is very affordable brand. The question I want to ask you is: Is it good or bad that top designers like Lanvin and Jimmy Choo get off the pedestal they are on to make a collection we can all afford? On one hand of course it is great! It lets us all own something designed by this top fashion designers, something that many many people can only dream of! But on the other hand, doesn't it take away all the magic around the name of the designer. After all it's still H&M although Lanvin designed it. Does it still have the same meaning when the label says "H&M"? How do you feel about it?

Here's the promotional video showing off the best pieces :) ENJOY!

And after all... when there's something this beautiful does the label matter?

Oscar Wilde said: "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art..."



Marcella said…
So wish I could get my hands on this amazing collection!
Eden said…
it is really an amazing collection:)))