My mom's FABOLOUS designs Part 1

Hello to all of my fabulous readers... after almost two months of silence I am back. I cannot say it was an artistic gateway.. well it wasn't... I just spent the craziest, funnest, coolest, the most unforgettable and indescribable month in Italy!!!! Long story short: I went there to study Italian (which I did) and meanwhile I made so many new friends! Met so many cool people from all over the world! Ate so much pizza, pasta and gelato that i gained weight.... and of course I've partying... THE WHOLE TIME :) the best month ever :) it was so good that I almost didn't take pictures... too much was happening to think bout picture. I am a bad bad blogger :D

Back to business now... I've been home for a week ... tried to unpack. see my friends. relax. make up on fashion reading and now it's about time to blog something I believe. So today I took some pictures of my mother's designs (yes she's into fashion as well... it runs in the family I guess :D ) so here are the pictures. Most of the clothes are mine ... of course :) 

Pink knitted blouse and white linen shorts 

Blue knitted BACKLESS top and white linen shorts


Long blue dress (personal favorite) <3


 Printed long dress with a knitted back 

Floral long dress

Black&White summer tops

Beige loose shirt

 Long pink floral dress

Asymmetric red dress 




So now you know how I got involved into fashion! I love my mothers designs! The way she combines knitting and sewing and the way she always goes along with fashion but one can feel her own personal style looking at every piece she made. This is actually a very small part of the clothes she made for me and other people.Some of them are traveling around the globe with their new owners. Actually my mom will be starting her own blog soon so I will keep you updated and you will be the first to know about it :) P.S. She's not only making clothes... actually she designed and made many thing around our apartment as well but I will make another post about it because this one is already way too long ;)

I guess after all these pictures of beautiful designs you won't be much interested in what I was wearing but here are some pictures anyways :) OH! and the one shoulder  I am wearing is made by mom ... again :)

One shoulder top by my mother, skirt and hat from small local stores, handmade necklace, sunglasses and shoes from H&M and a MEXX belt.

So what do you think? Me and my mom would love some feedback on the clothes :)

Hope you are all having a GREAT WEEKEND :)

P.S. I promise to be a better blogger from now on ;)



Amy T said…
ahhh your mums really talented.
i like the mix with knit and sewing too. very cool
Anonymous said…
Wow your mother is so talented! You look great wearing her designs, too. One month in Italy! Sounds wonderful, lucky you!