Stop. Let yourself stare. Let yourself feel.

Glorious. The weather. My weekend. My week. My job interview on Monday. Right now everything is almost perfect. Perfection is unachievable but I am so damn close. It feels right. Almost perfect. The little cracks here and there are just reminders. Reminders I should appreciate everything I have. I should cherish every happy moment, every sunbeam kissing my skin, every smile that blooms on my lips. And you should too. Notice the small things. Pay attention to the world around you and you will see it. The little obstacles on the way are nothing more but land marks, stop signs may be: meant to make you stop and stare, look back to the past, think about the future and see everything, meant to remind you to hold your life in your hands and follow your dreams instead of letting all the beauty pass you by. You can find it everywhere. I see it everywhere. In a friend's warm smile. In someone special's lovely voice. In the look that makes you melt, in the kiss that you desire. It's a feeling. Life's thrilling. It's up to you to make it matter. 
Here's a shoot that transmits the exact same feeling as my weekend so far. These are Barbora Vesela & Marion Sealy by Nicole Hill. Stop scrolling down for a bit and really look at these. Let yourself soak into the moment that the pictures captured. Stop for a second. Let yourself feel.


"Each of these lives is the right one. And every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning." ~Mr. Nobody



Gorgeous photos... I wish the summer in England was like this!

Hope you can check out THE FASHION SMOKE

PhiePhie xx
*rachelwears said…
these photos are amazing!!! SUMMER! i wish it was still here x
kerry said…
thanks for posting these beautiful pics. such stunning photos and styling. absolutely loving your blog :) definitely your new fan!