Fall and Feelings

Fall is coming. I can already feel it in the air. The sun is shining ... kissing my skin and blinding me but when I look down I can see the leaves running around my feet, playing with the summer breeze. The seasons are changing. The mood is changing. The warm summer rays are replaced by the burning sunbeams. Like the sun is angry, trying to make the fall wait a bit longer, to keep the blue skies above and the joy in the air. Fall can wait. At least a few more weeks, until the sun gets tired of fighting and steps back. Summer is joy. Autumn is artistic. Beautiful. Melancholic. It's like a woman. Has ups and downs and mood swings. But that's what makes fall the most artistic, the most fascinating, the most precious of all seasons.

Enjoy the last days of the playful and careless summer. Let the sun kiss you skin. But keep your heart open for the beautiful autumn. May be if you learn how to love her, if you see her beauty and let her charm you she won't be so lonely anymore and the joy will replace the sadness in the air. After all a woman is beautiful and fascinating because a woman is unpredictable and mysterious. Just like the fall.

P.S. The name of the shoot is "A VIE EN ROSE". These are Charlotte, Yana & Valentina  pictured by Mark Seliger for US Harper's Bazaar September 2010



sophiasa said…
Agreed, fall is my favorite time of year. And those photos.. ohhh I can't wait for fall!! Gorgeous!
this free bird said…
I love what you wrote - it is so true about what is occurring with the change of seasons. The shoot you included is simply beautiful as well.

this free bird said…
Thanks so much...I felt the same way when I read your post. I actually went to the previous as well. My favorite blogs always include some writing!!

Kasia W. said…
awesome photos!

Anthea said…
Beautiful words and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous said…
wow so super beautiful pictures.
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