The Wardrobe: Summer Dresses. Mindless days.

It's summer! !!!officially!!! It's warm outside... the sun is shining and the end of university days is just 3 weeks away! :) Afterwards I'm going to spend a whole month in Perugia! Can't wait! I am just wondering how am I going to fit all my lagguage into my suitcase... I'll have to leave some shoes behind... That's kind of saddening, but I'm sure they'll be ok ... :) So yeah... already making a lost of what I am going to take as you can imagine :) Summer! Summer! Summer! I can carelessly go out in cute little dresses without freezing or caring a jacket ! Summer dresses are most effordless clothes I can imagine! No combining! No wondering! You put the dress on and you're ready to go! The only problem I'm having is picking the right pair of shoes... to be more exact the pair I want to wear today... I had a dream about shoes and runways and.... Too much talking again. But thinking of dresses... Here are three of my favorites... Two of them white! White is just so perfect for warm days out... or in... or anywhere really! :) Summer whites, some flowers and the mood is perfect!


White summer dress made by my mom:) I bought the bag from HEMA and the shoes are from a local store and I totally love them! Actually today I made great decoration for them which I'll show you in a later post. The sunglasses are H&M, as well as the hair flowers. I love flowers lately. Oh! and I added the red scarf for some color:) I love color accents in my outfits!!! I bought the big bracelet I'm wearing in the old neighbourhood in Rome :) YEP YEP! I spent three whole days in Rome :) it was GLORIOUS! I guess I gotta upload pictures at some point :) Back to the point... Next dress! White again!

White dress: AMISU, this is the bracelet I bought in Rome and the wedges and bah from the previous outfit. The ring is from Venice :) I love Italy as you can already guess :) This time I added a green scarf! I think this color really suits me. I love the way this dress looks casual and really girly in the same time:)

 And now it's time for a COLOR EXPLOSION!

This is what I was wearing when I went to see The Sex and The City 2!!! :) I was so excited! And I love the movie! Mostly the fashion in it actually! I just started watching the series again from the first season:) the outfit is summer inspired!!!:) I am really into flowers lately as  said ... and you can see! :) This dress was actially my mom's when she was my age... I added the belt and I think it looks perfect! The flowers in my hair and the one on the dress.. and the cardigan are H&M. The clutch is vintage... it was my grandmother's when she was around my age. She gave it to me the last time I went to visit her with another cute bag you'll see in a later post. You can see fashion is in my genes so to say :D:D:D or at least the shopping addiction:)

Which dress do you like most? And what's your favorite summer trend?

Have a great week everyone!



Leslee said…
cute dresses. I really like the clutch.
you did a good job with your blog :)
i will visit u as soon as i can again.

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Tzoules K
Anonymous said…
i'm loving your blog, keep it going!!!
youve got a great eye for inspiration
thanks for sharing!

Dylana Suarez said…
You look super cute!
Lis-x- said…
Such cute little dresses! Love the clutch!
Come check out my competition to win an amazing jacket!

Lis xxx

Off The Wardrobe
{ I V Y } said…
cute dress!
omg i really really want your shoes!
Kelly said…
You look gorgeous in that white dress! ad that green scarf looks great on you!
Lovely outfit!

Stiene Saenen said…
I love the floral dress! xo
Mary said…
Great dresses! Love the white one!

Delightful Bitefuls
Lisa Lisa Lisa said…
You are so cute!!! I love both of these dresses and how you styled them. That obi belt is fabulous. I am loving your blog =)