She's soft like a flower... She's gentle like the wind...

Here's a photo shoot that really inspired me when I saw it! I love how gentle and feminine it looks! The soft materials, the pastels and the light give it a really gentle and lovely look. It's really emphasizing on the soft, gentle and fragile side of every woman... look for it and you will find it deep inside you... Charlotte from "Sex and the City"ones said "every woman just wants to be rescued" .... May be it's true... may be we're just trying to be tough and independent but deep inside we are still waiting for our hero to come... may be...

Cornelia Tat for Harper's Bazaar Romania May 2010



Kasia said…
love that editorial!
Anonymous said…
She looks amazing in the 3rd pic
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous editorial!
Love these photos!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said…
This is a gorgeous editorial! And her thighs are PERFECT. And her lips. She is just lovely.
I love gauzy fabrics, pink blushes, and soft pillows. She is living in my dream world =)
michelle_ said…
fabulous editorials !
i wish i could have a copy of this in my country :)

thanks for the wishes in my previous post :) :)
they mean alot to me !!
dotie said…
love this editorial..the outfits are stunning very fairy like :)

eclectic du jour
Constance said…
These are just gorgeous, the styling is wonderful. x
Rachel Lynne said…
Oh you can for sure use the pictures just make sure to give me the photo cred! :)

my url is:

love these shots too!
CC said…
These photos are gorgeous! Love the vintage-y-ness to them. :)
Anonymous said…
Such a great editorial!
Silvia Couture said…
WOW..i love the one with the bird!!


Kisses from Atlanta~
Gorgeous editorial! It is very soft and romantic. :)
Nathalie said…
Wow, it is truly amazing. You are right, so soft and feminine
I am absolutely in love with this photo shoot! I saw this editorial several days ago and was completely obsessed! I totally adore it!

Great blog! :)

Blah Blah Becky said…
Absolutely gorgeous campaign!

Thanks so much for following my blog and for commenting!